Friday, March 16, 2018

Roundup Time Again

This past weekend was the Rattlesnake & Wildlife Festival. 
 We participate every year since the company I work for always has an entry.

This year, instead of being in the parade, Gentry wanted to watch the parade.
So, it was just Jubal & I riding in the parade.
Jubal enjoyed it very much since he had the whole back seat
 to himself to throw candy to the spectators.

After the parade, I had to return to work, but the boys went with their
daddy and Aunt Heather out to the festival until I got off.

Gentry caught a huge catfish.
He was so excited to tell me all about it when I saw him.

Photo creds: My friend Shelby, and Gentry's BFF's mom.
So thankful she got this pic.

Jubal, my daredevil, took a trip on the zip line.
I had talked to him about it while riding in the parade.
I knew he would love it, so I told him to make sure to do it.
He has no fear.

They had a wonderful time.
I wish I could have enjoyed it with them.
Duty calls, though, and we still all managed to have a great day.

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