Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Snow Day

The boys were supposed to go back to school from their Christmas break on January 4.
However, mother nature had other things on her mind.
We got SNOW on January 3!!

The picture above is when I first checked to see if the icy rain was still coming down.
Little did I know the snow had already begun to fall.
I called out to the boys in their room and they came running.
This is the first time in their short lives that they have ever gotten to see snow.
The last time it snowed here, I was pregnant with Jubal.
That was February 2010.

We waited awhile, and before long it started snowing really good.
Before long, there was plenty of fresh snow on the ground.
They asked if they could go play in it and who am I to tell them no?

I even went out in it with them.
I thought my toes would fall off when they started warming back up.
I should have never gone outside in socks & flip flops. Ha!!

It was a magical time for my boys.
After spending almost an hour out in it, I went inside to run them a warm bath.
When I finally got them inside and undressed, their skin was so red from the coldness.
I let them sit & soak for a good 45 minutes while we kept adding more hot water.

We stayed inside for the rest of the morning & early afternoon.
When their daddy got home from work, they got to play in it again with him, though.
I stayed inside. 
I was good on the snow.
The boys loved it, though, and Gentry proclaimed it his "Best Day Ever".

Happy Snow Day 2017!

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