Friday, February 9, 2018

Our New Addition

On December 2, 2017, a little puppy was born just for us.
Of course, we didn't know it at that time, but we are 
so happy we found the right one for us.

Jersey Boi Denver

Meet our sweet Jersey.
I'm so thankful for Mrs. Kathy at Kat's Kennel.
She had him all groomed and smelling sweet for me.

I could not wait to get him in my arms.
After he became ours, we still had to wait a little over a week
to actually be able to pick him up.

Pickup day: January 28, 2018

The boys have been begging for our own puppy for a good while now.
We lost our Bozley way back in 2013.
Jubal has fond memories of him, and Gentry's little heart swears he does, too,
even though he was only a little over a year old when Boz passed away.


I started seriously looking for "the one" back in October.
I searched rescue shelters, different breeders of all kinds of different breeds.
I felt in my heart that I did not want another chihuahua.
I envisioned a small terrier breed, specifically a Brussels Griffon.
They are the ugliest little dogs, but I saw one in a movie one time and fell in love.
 The movie was Something's Gotta Give.

I looked into other breeds like Labradoodles since they don't shed.
That's when I started finding other non-shedding breeds.
Somehow, I came upon a website for Maltese, Yorkies, Poodles, etc.
The breeder was clear across the state of Georgia, though.

To make this long story a little shorter, 
I could just feel from his picture that he was "ours".
My best friend, Shawnya and I took off early on a rainy 
Sunday morning to go pick him up.

The rest is history.
Turns out I was absolutely right about choosing him.
The boys adore him and he adores them.
Potty training is coming along quickly.
He gets to go to work with me on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
He's a great addition to our family.

Jersey is CKC registered as a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.
He's named after the original breeders from Germany.
Biewer is pronounce Bee Vare (like beware, only with a V), in Germany.
In the US, it's pronounced Bue Wer (like Ferris Bueller, only with a W).

He will never weigh over 8 lbs., and never be taller than 9".
This is what he will look like when he's older.

More pictures of him now, though. :)

We are so thankful!
He's a mess, but he's "our mess".

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