Friday, June 29, 2018

Gentry's Birthday Party

Gentry asked to go to Palm Beach Island to celebrate his birthday.
His three best friends were unable to attend since it was
Father's Day when we finally got to have his party.
All three children are from broken homes,
so each child was with their father on that weekend.

He was heartbroken at first, however he had a great birthday celebration.
He was surrounded by all his family and friends that love him dearly.
There was cake and we got him his new tablet, so he was a happy boy.

Since we spent most of out time in the water,
I didn't get but one picture and a few videos of them busting the pinata.

We had fun, though, and with or without pictures,
I'm sure he'll remember his 6th birthday for years to come. :)

I also got a couple of videos of the bigger boys, too. ;)

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