Saturday, June 25, 2016


I didn't get any pictures of Gentry this week.  Jubal's teacher, however, kept me posted daily with pictures of him and their activities.  Also, I didn't get to take any pictures of their closing ceremony last night because it was just too crowded, I would have been in other parents' way, and it was way too hot in that sanctuary.

I'm thankful for friends that snapped some pictures for me, but I still didn't get any of my Gentry.  He was there, though, I promise, and enjoyed every minute of it.

This year's theme was "Submerged".

Practicing for their closing ceremony.

Jubal & his "girlfriend", Miss Malaree.

First night.

Outside fun.

Snack time with best bud, Garrett.

Hard at it.

Garrett's mom snapped this pic.

They did an awesome job with their little show and songs.  I always loved VBS at FBC when I was a young girl.  Now, my boys are getting to enjoy it, too.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

VBS At Birdford

The boys have been having a good summer. Even though they still attend daycare so we can work, there is no "school". It's hard to believe Gentry will start K-4 this year, but in the meantime, they have been going to daycare and Vacation Bible School.

By the time they are finished, they will have had 3 straight weeks of VBS.  Makes for a long day for them both, but they enjoy it so I let them go.  This week they are having fun at FBC, but last week they attended Birdford.  The theme was "Ocean Commotion".

Friends of mine sent me pictures throughout the week of each of my boys doing different activities.  Jubal really felt like a big boy by getting to hold the Bible during pledges.

Gentry's K-4 class

Arts & crafts

My big boy

The whole group

They had their little graduation ceremony on Sunday night.  I took my camera so I could take a few pictures myself. It was short & sweet, and we had refreshments afterwards.

As they were walking in at the beginning of the ceremony.

Jubal got to hold the Bible for the graduation, too. :)

Gentry's class put on their own little show before all the bigger kids got up to do theirs.
Of course he was out little comedian, making the entire congregation laugh.

Getting ready to do their songs.

I love that smile.

I promise he's not sad.
It's just the timing of my shot.

Finishing up.

They had all kinds of goodies that came home with them so we could see everything they learned and worked on all week at Birdford.  I can't wait to see everything they do this week at FBC.  This is their favorite VBS.  Jubal looked forward to going back to FBC all year, and they both are excited to go back each night.

I'll post about their adventures at FBC next week since their graduation ceremony isn't until tomorrow night.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lyndsay's Wedding

My niece, Lyndsay, got married last Saturday.  It was a beautiful outside wedding, and the reception was at a countryside barn venue.

I'm so incredibly happy for her! My brother, her daddy, passed away when she was only eleven.  I'm so sad that he wasn't here to give her away, but I know he was smiling down from Heaven.

She has become such an awesome young woman.  He would be so proud of her, and would most certainly approve of the man that she chose to marry.  Zach is a handsome, God fearing, family leader of a man.  I'm so thankful God sent him to Lyndsay.

I wish them many years of happiness and lots of beautiful babies. ;)

My great niece, Ashton, gave Lyndsay away.
These two are like peas & carrots.
I love their love for each other. 

Giving our Sinny Girl away.

The words spoken during the ceremony could not have been more touching.
They're love story was incorporated into the ceremony.
They met on a mission trip to Honduras, and will continue to do missions as a couple.
They have to wait one year before they can go together, though.

You may kiss your bride.

Presenting the new couple, Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Deal.

I love this smile!!!

The flower girl & ring bearer.


Isn't this just the cutest grin?!

This is probably my favorite picture of the evening.
I love how they're looking at each other. :)

Her smile speaks a thousand words.

The bride & groom's table.

My handsome Gentry

Our centerpiece on our table.

The "naked" wedding cake.
This is the cake Lyndsay requested, and her oldest sister, Lynda, made it for her.
Lynda also did the groom's cake, but I didn't get a picture of that. 

I'm so lucky to have this girl in my life.  I love her so very much.  I don't think she will understand the love that fills my heart for her.  She is & always will be "my sunshine".

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