Wednesday, January 30, 2013

He's A Sitter!

As of 1/28/13, we officially have an independent sitter on our hands! :)

Gentry has been trying for about a month to sit alone, but was still a little wobbly.
He has got it down pat now, though.
He's also trying to crawl.

Oh, me!
It won't be long and my baby will be walking & talking.
Where, oh where, has the time gone?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 1/2 Years

Jubal had his 2 1/2 year well check on the 21st & he's perfect. ;)
He still weighs in at 27 lbs. and has only grown an inch since his 2 year checkup.
He's now up to 35 inches tall.  Yet to make it to 3 feet.  HA!
That's my boy!  Just like his daddy. :)
Jubal & Jaydira, his friend at daycare.

Jubal is saying and doing so many new things. 
It's amazing watching my firstborn grow.
I'm experiencing all these new things with him.
He says so much, talking in complete sentences.

He knows his full name.  He knows mine & his daddy's first names & where we work.
He knows the name of the town he lives in and the name of
the town Larson & I work in.
I just think that's good information to have, even at his young age.

He knows all colors, most shapes, ABC's, can count to 20, and can even
count to 10 in Spanish, thanks to Dora. ;)

He's still not "there" with his potty training. 
He does good sometimes with #1, but has yet to go #2 on the potty.

His favorite shows are UmiZoomi, Dora, Diego, Blue's Clues,
Max & Ruby, Jessie, and Good Luck Charlie.

He loves to play & dance. 
He is full of laughter. 
He's tender-hearted, yet as fiesty as they come.
He is his mother's son. ;)

Gosh, I love him so much!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I want to post a few pictures of little things that have been going on in our world lately. It's really just random pics from my phone, but it's good memories for me. :)

My sweet boys. 
The bottom picture looks like Jubal is about to choke Gentry out. HA!

Me and my Jubal, fresh out of the shower, getting settled down for the night.

Jubal is potty training and is doing fairly well with going #1.  He has his own potty chair in his bathroom and has been taught to stand up to pee pee, but this particular night, we were getting ready to get a bath and he had to go #1 but didn't have a stool in our bathroom so he climbed up on the toilet like this instead. 
So funny!

Jubal loves his Legos. 
Every time he builds something, no matter how big or small,
he wants us to take a picture. 
How cute!

Lastly, this his Jubal & his little "girlfriend", Abbey, at school. 
He calls her Babby and she calls him Bubba. 
So sweet!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seven Months

My Sweet Gentry,

You turned 7 months old on the January 8th.  You are growing up so fast.  It's hard to believe that you are already 7 months old.  You will be a year old before we know it.  You are becoming more independent every day.  I'm so proud of you.  You have made our family whole.

Let's see what you've been up to this month.

Your growth has slowed down.  You are the same weight (19 lbs.) and height (29 in.) as Jubal was at 7 months now, which is average.  You're no longer on the "larger" side of the spectrum.  You wear 6-9 month clothing and we just bought your first size 4 diapers.  Not because size 3 is too small, but because size 4 will help you make it through the night without waking up wet.  Bless you!

You are trying to sit up by yourself, but haven't mastered it.  You haven't started crawling yet, either.  You roll everywhere you want to go.  Ha!  I have a feeling you'll be crawling this month, though.

You eat really well.  You like baby food with veggies & meat mixed rather than just plain veggies.  You really like apples & chicken, and sweet potatoes & turkey.  Your favorite fruit is apricots, but you will eat any fruit and you love them all. 

For breakfast you usually have rice cereal mixed with some kind of fruit.  You eat more at breakfast than any other meal.  For lunch you have a veggie & a fruit.  You eat about half of the container of the veggie, and most of the time you finish the fruit.  For supper you have a whole veggie/meat mixed and a whole fruit.  Right now your mouth hurts from your two bottom teeth coming in so you haven't eaten very good the past couple of days.

You have cut back on your bottles a little.  Since you eat more, you drink less.  Your pediatrician only wants you drinking up to 20 ozs. now anyway, so it's all good.  You usually drink two or three 4 oz. bottles during the day and then one at night to go to sleep.  You enjoy your juice now.  You drink two 6 oz. bottles of juice a day.  You prefer pear juice over apple juice.  We use the Gerber brand like we did with Jubal just because it doesn't have citric acid in.  You have now started liking it chilled.  At first you would only drink it room temperature.  I think you like it cold because it feels good to your gums.

You still sleep great.  I'm so thankful we were blessed with babies that slept through the night from birth.  I think you both got your love for sleep from me.  Ha!  While I was off for Christmas vacation, you would stay up a little later (9:30-10p) and sleep a little later (8-8:30a), but got right back into your routine when you went back to daycare.  You usually go to bed between 8-8:30p and we wake you up between 6:30-7a. 

Bless your heart!  You have had a time with your teeth.  Finally, your bottom right tooth has broke through.  Your bottom left is right behind it.  It just broke through the gum day before yesterday, but we sure are glad it did.  Maybe you can get a little relief now.  You give your teething ring the devil, screaming the whole time.  I feel bad for you when I can't seem to soothe you at times.  Thankfully, that's not very often.

Your smile is infectious.  You have the cutest little dimples.  You love to be talked to and smile so big when we do talk to you.  My favorite grins & giggles come when your daddy gooses your neck, though.  You can't take it.  It's so funny to watch you tense up and grin with your little eyes closed.  I love your sweet giggles when you get tickled.

Your big brother adores you.  You're pretty crazy about him, too.  I hope y'all always love each other this much.  I know there will be sibling rivalry and brotherly fights, but I hope y'all always have each other's back and love each other like none other.

We all love you so much, Gentry.  You have been such a blessing in our lives.  You are a wonderful little person and I can't wait to watch you grow & learn.  The Lord has certainly blessed us.  Not once, but twice.  I hope you always know how much you are loved and wanted and I hope you never let anyone take that beautiful smile off of your face.  You are mama's sweet angel.  Don't ever forget that.  I love you, my son. 

Always & Forever,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


**Note:  I had originally planned to have this post up sooner.  Blogger, however, was having trouble uploading pictures.  Thus, two posts in one day (two weeks late) about Christmas. ;)

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was Gentry's first Christmas and we had even more fun this year with both of our boys.  I'm so thankful for my little family. :)

First, we went to Larson's daddy's house Christmas Eve afternoon. Papa & Mema had a few gifts they wanted to give Jubal & Gentry. We enjoyed spending time with them. It was a short visit, however, since we had to be at my mama's house later that evening.

Christmas at Papa's.

When we arrived at my mama's house, my sister and her daughter had gone to look at Christmas lights and my mama had just woken up and it seemed Santa had already came to visit my niece at Mammaw's house.  Jubal was amazed at everything and wanted to get into it all, but we managed to keep him out until Alannah got back. ;)

When Alannah saw all of her goodies, she was so excited.  I think Jubal was just as excited for her, too.  We proceeded to open the rest of the gifts.  The adults do not exchange gifts.  We just enjoy seeing the little ones get excited when they get their gifts.  I like it that way.

After visiting with my mama, sister, and niece for awhile, we then went home to prepare for Santa to visit our house.  Jubal & Gentry were both exhausted anyway.  We put the reindeer food out so the reindeer could see all the sparkly glitter to find their way to our house.  We tucked the babes in and Larson & I watched some TV and hung out with our friend, Adam, for a little while.

When we woke up the next morning, we actually had to wake the boys up because they were still sleeping.  We were anxious for Jubal to see what Santa had brought him.  He got several trucks from family members, so Santa brought him a few other things and his very own trampoline.  My baby loves that trampoline.  I don't think we could have asked Santa for anything better. ;)

After our living room looked like a tornado blew through it (HA!), we went to Larson's mama's for Christmas lunch and so the boys could get their gifts from their granny, aunts, and uncles.  Our boys are loved.  They received so many things that they really enjoy.  Gentry is still small enough not to care, but the gifts that were bought for him were age appropriate and he likes them a lot.

Christmas morning at our house.

He loves his train set from GiGi.

Larson's mama prepared a feast for all of us.  She has the best dressing.  I don't eat dressing too much, but I love hers.  She had made me a pan to take home, too, and all I had to do was put it in the oven to cook it.  I had dressing for the entire week and it was great!

Christmas at Granny's.

At Granny's.

Amazed by his new toy.

We went back to my mama's for supper.  It wasn't a traditional Christmas meal and we were glad.  We had ham, my sister's awesome baked beans, and potato salad.  My mama had all kinds of pies, too.  My favorite was the Dutch Apple.  Yum!

I was thankful to finally get home that night.  Gentry went right to sleep as soon as we got home and Jubal played his little self to sleep.  It was a wonderful Christmas spent with all of our family.  I'm so thankful that we were all together again this year, even though we were missing a few.  My niece, Lyndsay went to her maternal family's home in Mississippi this year, and Marianne was also in Mississippi.  As always, we were missing my daddy & brother.

It was a good Christmas.  I'm looking forward to our next one when Gentry can enjoy it a little more.  I won't rush things, though.  I want my babies to stay little for as long as possible. 

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. :)


Christmas Lights '12

**Note: When I tried to complete this post, Blogger was having trouble uploading pictures, which is why this post is even later than I intended.

WOW!!! I have SO much catching up to do!  I will admit, though, that I've enjoyed my little blogging break.  I know it's already the second week of January, and a whole new year, yet here I am just posting about some our Christmas festivities.  It's all good, though.  I had eleven glorious days off with my sweet babies and I didn't miss the computer at all. 

So mostly what I'm going to do here is post pictures of our trip to see the beautiful Christmas lights here in Claxton.  It was also an opportunity for the boys to see Santa again.  Last year it was just Jubal, but we had Gentry along with us this year and it was double the fun & smiles.

The snow machine and M&M's are always a favorite of Jubal's.

I'm so proud my boys got to see Santa again.  When Santa asked Jubal what he wanted for Christmas, once again Jubal answered, "A truck."  Can you guess what he got lots of? ;)

This was when he was telling Santa he wanted a truck. :)

 And here's a few more pics of all the pretty lights.  My iPhone really doesn't do the decorations justice.  Jubal & Gentry loved them, though.

Even the goldfish pond was decorated for Christmas.

We had a great time!  Jubal enjoyed it more this year than he did last year.  I'm sure Gentry will enjoy it more in a couple more years, too.  I hope to make it a tradition each year to take them to see the lights.

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