Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big & Little Brother

Awhile back, Kelly over at Kelly's Korner suggested checking out If You Say Sew. I did & I liked what I saw. I liked the prices, too. :)


After we found out that we were having another little boy, I went ahead and ordered Jubal a "Big Brother" shirt & Gentry a "Little Brother" onesie. They turned out so cute! It was less than a week before I received them, which I really liked as well. ;)

We also got Jubal another little shirt for daily wear, too. I'm so proud of my big brother, little brother shirts! Now, we just have to wait for Mr. Gentry to get here so we can see our boys in them.

It won't be too much longer. I'm almost 23 weeks now. I go back to see my OB March 5 and they're also doing a 4D ultrasound that day. I'm so excited to see my new baby boy!!! I hope Gentry will cooperate better than Jubal did. We never got a good pic of Jubal when they did the 4D.

Thankfully, I won't have to do the glucose test this time around, either, since we already know I'm diabetic. Just really looking forward to my next visit. :)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Sleepy Head

Bedtime at our house is a very welcomed time. After working all day & being away from home for 10-11 hours, we're all ready to lay our heads down. Even Jubal.

Kicked back in his recliner watching Blue's Clues. This is his wind-down time.

On Tuesdays & Thursdays he's in school/daycare from 7:45-5:30 and gets one nap from usually 12:30-2. He plays hard and participates in lots of activities, so after dinner and a nice warm bath he's usually ready for bedtime, too.

There's the blanket. Yep, he's getting sleepy! ;)

On Wednesdays & Fridays he's with my mama & Granny Pauline so he gets to nap whenever he wants to. He generally keeps about the same sleeping schedule as when at school, but if he wants an extra nap, he gets one at Mammaw's. ;)

I still rock Jubal and LOVE to do so, although he seems to be becoming more independent about lying down to go to sleep. He's asleep by 9-9:30, and usually so am I. Ha! Rocking him not only relaxes him, but it works wonders for ol' Mama, too. I try to stay awake to watch a few of my favorite shows on certain nights, but it's hard to do with my sleeping angel in my arms. I gaze into his sweet face and listen to his breaths and watch his little chest rise & fall and become so relaxed that I can't help but fall asleep.

Bedtime really is a very welcomed time in our house. I thank God for my little family and the safety & security I feel with them in our home.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Work with Mommy

Last Saturday morning, Jubal got to come to work with me. Larson found out last minute on Friday evening that he was going to have to work Saturday, so with no babysitter lined up, I had the pleasure of bringing him with me. :)

Jubal & Daddy up early on a Saturday. They usually get to sleep in when I'm up getting ready for work.

Having some banana for breakfast before work. ;)

My employers are awesome & actually ask me all the time when I'm going to bring Jubal to my work for them to be able to see him. They joke that the only time they see him is at Christmas and he will be grown before they get to see him again. Tommy, our sales manager, rode Jubal around on some of the four wheelers & mules while he was getting them set up and Jubal loved it.

I was worried that he would be into everything, but he was actually very good. He enjoyed sitting on the little four wheelers we have. Tyler, the boss's  girlfriend's son was here, too, and he done a fabulous job of keeping Jubal entertained the 5 hours we were here. I think Jubal's favorite thing to do was be pushed around on the dolly. Too bad I didn't get a picture of that.

I did get a cute picture of Jubal & Sidney Grace, though. My friend, Charlene saw where I had posted on Facebook that I had Jubal at work with me and since she was in town (she now lives in South Carolina), she stopped in to see me and give Jubal & SG some play time together. The picture is so cute. They just took each other's hand and went to find something to get into.

I was so proud of my little man. He did so good. Now, I will know if I ever end up in the same situation that I can take him with me and not have to worry so much about not being able to perform my job duties efficiently. Even without a nap all morning (he usually naps from 11-1:30), he didn't get all whiny or fussy. He did go to sleep before we made it out of the parking lot after work, though. :)

It was a good day. I love my sweet boy so much!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I Love

There are things that Jubal does that I want to write down to ensure I never forget them. He does so many new things every day lately and it's all happening so quickly.

One of the things that is so sweet to me is that every night when I'm rocking him to sleep, he points out my nose, my mouth, my eyes, my ears , and my hair. I love the way he says these things when pointing them out, especially how he say "nose". He makes his little mouth into such a big, perfect "O" shape when he says it & it's adorable. If he wakes up before we do, he wakes us up by putting his little finger on our face & pointing to some feature and naming it. So sweet!

He has went through phases of which programs on TV he likes the most. He's always liked The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and dancing to the Hotdog Song. When he was younger his favorite was The Wonder Pets. Then it became more of The Backyardigans. Then Dora & Diego. Now it's definitely Blues Clues. He has started really interacting with it, too. No matter what he is doing when the mailbox tune comes on, he stops and runs into the center of our living room and starts yelling "mail". It's a big deal to him & we clap every time he does it. :)

He seriously loves his cousin, Alannah. Every time we go to my mama's house he goes through her house calling out "Laney", looking in each room for her. Right now she is his best friend.

These are just a few things that I wanted to jot down somewhere for my memory's sake. I'll always have these things in my heart, but I know over time my memories will fade. It will be nice to look back through this blog and remember things that have not crossed my mind in awhile. After all, that's why I'm keeping this blog. :)


Friday, February 3, 2012

Mommy's Little Man

I can't believe how big my baby boy is getting! Everyone keeps telling me to just wait until the new baby gets here, and then I really will realize what a big boy I have.

It seems just like yesterday we were bringing Jubal home. I would hold him & rock him, just staring into his sweet little face while tears of joy ran down my cheeks because I couldn't figure out what I had done so right for God to bless me with such a perfect miracle.

I still look at him in amazement every day. I find myself with tears of joy still filling my eyes and streaming down my cheeks often because I am so overwhelmed with love for this little being that Larson & I created together and God gave to us. As any mother will attest to, the love for your child(ren) is one like NO other. I love this boy with every fiber of my being. He is my heart & soul! :)

I asked him if he wanted to go to school & I got this beautiful smile! :)

My precious baby boy ready for school~2/2/12

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