Friday, February 27, 2015

Over The Weekend

I'm almost a week behind in posting this. Goodness! I've got to do better.  Nevertheless, we had a great weekend together.  I worked until 2:00 Saturday, as usual, then we went visiting the grands.  Afterwards, Larson bought some steaks, and he even cooked supper.  Even though the steaks turned out a little (a lot) chewy, it was enjoyable. :)

Here's a pic Larson sent me while I was at work.  It's so funny because Gentry is wearing his lion costume from last Halloween.  Ha!

Sunday, we took it easy during the morning, and then after lunch we decided to go to Statesboro.  We walked around and did a little shopping at the mall.  The boys made friends in the food court and we sat awhile while they played.  The only person leaving with anything was Larson.  I prefer to shop for myself and the boys alone.  It's just easier.

The boys enjoyed a show on TV together in the recliner.  It's hard to catch them still for any period of time, and these pictures were taken right before they decided to pile up on me over on the couch. :)

Monday was dentist day.  The boys had to go for their 6 month checkup.  They hate the dentist.  When the dental hygienists start brushing their teeth, they start crying.  I see so many of my friends posting pics of their kids being so good.  What's up with my boys?

Jubal didn't get a good report.  He has 5, yes FIVE, soft spots in his teeth that are potential cavities.  The dentist recommended doing the work in a day surgery facility, where Jubal will be put to sleep so they can do the work all at one time, painlessly, and without traumatizing him more than he already is when he visits the dentist.  Otherwise, they would have to do it in a series of three different office visits, with Jubal awake, and that would just be too much for him, we all agree.

I'm also going to have to pay close attention to the way I brush Gentry's teeth.  I have to give more attention to the gum line around his front top teeth.  He has some white lines around the gum line that they explained was decalcification.  I want my boys to have beautiful, healthy teeth so I will do whatever we have to do to ensure that. 

I had promised them that if they did well at the dentist, we would go to Chuck E Cheese's afterwards.  Even though they both showed out, we still went.  I feel like they deserved to go.  They/we survived, so that's something, right? ;)

After letting them play for almost two hours there, we left and went to Outback for a bloomin' onion, and some less chewy steak. Ha!  Larson had never had a bloomin' onion and he loved it.  Jubal is my onion eater, and he ate his fair share, too.  Gentry just wanted to drink tea.

We ended our day at Pet Smart.  The boys want a pet so bad.  We couldn't find anything we thought might make us a good family pet, so we'll just wait until we find us a kitten for now.  I don't want another puppy until we have our yard fenced in.  There are just too many strays that run around.

It was a good weekend.  We have our zoo weekend coming up soon.  The boys are excited about that.  We'll see what we can get into this weekend first, though. :)


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Valentine's Day~2015

Jubal had his valentine party at school Thursday since they were out for a winter holiday on Friday, and then for President's Day on Monday. His teacher sent me a few pictures of him during the party.

They're not very clear pictures, but I'm thankful for what I got.  He seemed to have had a fun day from what he told me after school.

Gentry was supposed to have his party Friday at daycare, but he had to miss it.  He had been sick with a tummy virus since Tuesday, and it seemed to have gotten worse throughout the night Thursday.  I took his goodies and his little valentines to school for him anyway.  I hated he had to miss it because he had looked forward to it all week, especially while helping me put all of his valentines together for his friends.

Saturday afternoon after I got off of work, we tried to find Jubal a pet turtle.  We found out that it is illegal to sell quarter-sized turtles in the state of GA.  The smallest we could find was at least 5 inches, the size of a small hand.  I guess we'll just be on the lookout for one around the pond.  We don't want a bigger one.

We then waited almost an hour to be seated at J&B's Steakhouse.  It was a delicious meal, but we arrived at 6:45 and didn't leave until well after 9.  The boys behaved so well.  I was so proud of them.  They didn't even fall asleep on the way home.  They slept good once we got there, though. Ha!

I took a few pics while we waited for our food.

The boys were being silly and this is the best I could get of Gentry.  Jubal wasn't much better with giving me a smile, but I eventually got one.

It was nice to spend V-day with my little family.  I especially like the chocolates. ;)


Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Little Valentines

I'm so excited today is Valentines Day! I get to spend it with my honey & our two special little valentines. Looking forward to a little shopping for a turtle for Jubal & Gentry, a good steak dinner, and then movies at home with all my loves.

to my sweet babies & husband!!!
I love all three of you with all my heart.

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