Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog

Jubal is too funny! He's been dancing a little jig for a few weeks now and it is so cute. I tried to get a little video of it with my phone, but he wasn't really getting into it like he sometimes does. It's still fun to watch, though.

Here's my lil guy "shakin' a leg"! :)

Ha! I love this kid!!! He's my heart & soul.

Also, I'm so excited about his "First Year" book. It should be here next week. I still can't believe he's been with us that long already. He makes my world complete.

Here's to many more years...

Friday, August 19, 2011


Not a lot has been going on in our little world lately. We have been enjoying watching Jubal master his walking skills. He gets better everyday. It's funny to watch him make me think he's going to walk to me and at the last minute, turn to walk to his daddy. He thinks it's pretty funny, too. I love to hear his laughter.

We were all sick last weekend (on my birthday) with a stomach virus. I had a good birthday anyway, though. Friends & family made me feel pretty special. I hated that we all had to be cooped up on a beautiful Sunday, though. I don't think I've totally bounced back yet. It's made for a long, frustrating week. Maybe this weekend will be fun. We're going to my 20 year class reunion. I'm excited to see my classmates.

Jubal working on Mammaw's table with a hole punch. Look at that face. Cute!

I did get a new iPhone for my birthday. It was time for an upgrade and even though I loved my Blackberry and had already made up my mind that I was going to get another one, the rep, who is also a friend of mine, talked me right into the iPhone. I like it pretty good. I'm a pretty simple girl & it seems like it was created for a much more high-maintenance kind of person. It's very easy to use, though. Maybe the longer I have it, the more uses I will find for it.

Hopefully after the weekend I will have a little more to write about. It's just been a pretty uneventful week. Work & home, work & home. It gets pretty repetitive. No matter what, though, Jubal always brings sunshine into my life. I don't know what I would do without him & Larson.

Happy Friday! Here's to a wonderful weekend!


Friday, August 12, 2011

13 Months~He's Walking!!!

Jubal Talon,

As of yesterday, you are a walker!!! I'm so excited for you. This is such another big milestone for you, sweet boy. We knew it wouldn't be much longer, but never expected you to just take off last night. I'm glad I had my camera in hand. I got a cute video of your very first steps! It's not a good video because I really wasn't expecting it, but I'm proud of it. I got some others, too, though. ;)

You are exactly 13 months old today.

You never cease to amaze me. Almost daily, actually. :)

I keep telling myself I need to jot things down right when you do them so I don't leave anything out, but leave it to me to not even remember to do that. Ha!

Let's see...

You are eating mostly from the table now. We let you try everything. You love green beans, cheese toast, & grilled cheese sandwiches. I've got to start sending you some different lunches to daycare next week because you will not eat the Gerber Stage 3 foods anymore. I guess you want some real spaghetti o's now. You will definitely eat anything. I'm glad you're not real picky.

We give you your food on your own little plate. You usually do pretty good feeding yourself. You sometimes like to flip your plate over, though, and there goes your plate of food into the floor. Yes, Mama doesn't appreciate that very much. That innocent little smile will get me every time, though. ;)

You usually drink 2-3 six-ounce bottles of whole milk per day. We give you your juice in a sippy cup to hopefully transition you smoothly from the bottle all together soon. You like chewing on the nipple of your sippy cup and usually have juice running down your chin & onto your clothes. We're not going to give up, though.

You wear 12 month clothes now, but we still have to get your shorts in a size 6-9 month because of your short little legs & your small waist. All the size 12 month shorts fall off of you and look like they're pants. Bless your heart! You are your daddy's son.

I still haven't cut your hair yet. I'm just not ready. In the back where it's thicker, it curls up when it's wet or you get a little sweaty outside. You still have your notorious "Who Hair". Mammaw says when I decide to cut your hair, that I need to pull it out & save it. I do believe I will.

You've been crawling like crazy fast! Everybody always comments on how quick you are. You sure know how to get where you're going. I wonder if you're going to run everywhere now that you're up & walking? Here come the bumps & bruises for sure now.

You take all your baths with me, but usually take showers with Daddy. Showers are quicker. You like them, but you love when you get to take a bath with Mama because I let you splash & play.

Your favorite shows on TV are Special Agent Oso & The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You still like Blue's Clues, The Wonder Pets, and The Backyardigans, too, though. We like to watch you do the "Hot Dog Dance". Too cute!

You don't really talk yet, but you sure mumble alot. We can make out what you're saying by your gestures, though. You say more & more each day.

There's so much that I'm sure I'm missing, but I want you to know that I've enjoyed watching you grow & hit every milestone, my sweet baby boy. You are Mama & Daddy's greatest blessing. I love you with every fiber of my being. I'm looking forward to all the new things to come and watching you learn & grow.

The main thing that I hope to instill in you is a love for God. Through Him, all things are possible.

I feel blessed,also, that we are able to provide a safe, secure home for you. I hope because of the way we have chosen to raise you, that you will grow into a confident, responsible, compassionate, & Christian young man.

Don't ever forget how much you were/are wanted & how very deeply you are loved. I pray we show you exactly how much we love you everyday. I hope you feel it.

With all my heart,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

All Natural

I'm taking part in Project 52 over at Emily's again this week. I think it's a fun little idea she's got going on.

There's 52 weeks in a year. One "themed" photo each week. It's that easy. She has some really cute theme ideas for the year, too. Go check it out!

This week's theme:

All Natural
This isn't a recent pic, but it's one of my favs.
I'm definitely "all natural".
Fresh out of the shower, towel still on my head. :)
I remember Jubal looking at me so funny when I first picked him up with the towel on my head. It was a look like, "Who's this crazy woman??" Ha! Love it!

"Pretty is something you're born with. But beautiful, that's an equal opportunity adjective."~Unknown

Happy Thursday, y'all!!!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Phone Photos

We didn't really do much this weekend. It's been too hot to even try to get out & do anything outdoors. I did get a few little cute pics with my phone, though. ;)

I took this one to send to his daddy while he was working & we were at home. On the days Larson works and we get to stay home, he always wants me to send him cute little pics throughout the day. He says it makes his day go by faster. ;)

This one is when we got to Mammaw's to pick him up. We always hang out with Mammaw for awhile before we go home for the night. If the phone is out, Jubal wants it. :)

Larson was pulling him around in the laundry basket. He wasn't too sure about it. :)

These three pics were all taken yesterday right after my little man woke up from a nap. I let him sleep in our bed. He loves our bed & when he woke up in our room, he was a happy little ham! :)

I love this boy! Just about every picture I take is of him. I just can't get enough! Love, love, love!!! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project 52

Just like Emily, I'm a little too lazy busy to keep up with Project 365, so I've decided to try and keep up with her new idea.

It's called Project 52.

I'm pretty sure everyone takes at least one picture a week.

Every week she has a "theme" and every Thursday you post one picture taken that week that follows that theme. It's that easy!

This week's theme is:

In The Car

Here's her schedule for one year:

4 - In the Car
11 - All Natural (No Make-Up)
18 - Something to Learn
25 - A Sunrise (6:55 AM)

1 - In the Mirror
8 - Pets
15 - Vintage
22 - Bed Head
29 - Sepia Tone

6 - At Arm's Length
13 - The Moon
20 - Pumpkin
27 - Spooky

3 - Costume
10 - Fall/Autumn
17 - Highly Edited
24 - Thankful

1 - Christmas Card
8 - Ornament Reflection
15 - Your tree
22 - Winter Wear
29 - Mistletoe

5 - Resolution
12 - Wintery
19 - Black and White
26 - Resolution Progress?

2 - Partial Face
9 - Dynamic Duo
16 - Lovey Dovey
23 - L O V E

1 - Jumping
8 - Upside down
15 - Green
22 - Scenic View
29 - Silhouette

5 - Laying in the Grass
12 - Eggs
19 - Easter
26 - April Showers

3 - May Flowers
10 - Motherly
17 - Baby Face
24 - Sunset
31 - Out Your Back Door

7 - Shadow
14 - Fatherly
21 - Cool Summer Treat
28 - Relaxation

5 - Red, White, and Blue
12 - Hobby
19 - Other Half
26 - Summer Meal

Hope everyone has a Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learning to Walk

Jubal still hasn't taken his first independent step yet, but he's getting there. He's been up on his feet for awhile now, pushing what I call his little "buggy".

His Aunt Gena got him a "popper" for his birthday and he's been trying to walk with it lately.

It doesn't look like it will be very much longer and he may be walking on his own. I'm sure as soon as he masters walking with this, he'll be ready. :)

As much as I would like for him to walk, I'm in no hurry for him to be more independent. I know the days of him needing me are going to be be gone far too quickly. :(

Gosh, I love this kid! I'm so humbled that God gave him to me. :)
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