Saturday, March 30, 2013

Phone Photos

We've been enjoying the warmer weather lately. The swing set has been getting plenty of play action. It's so nice to be able to slow down a little and just enjoy being with my little family.

I've been taking a lot of phone pics and just wanted to post them on the blog for memory's sake. :)

Jubal is learning to swing all by himself. :)

Gentry is pulling up and walking along the couches or whatever else he can hold on to. :)

Love these smiles. :)

Jubal having fun at school when his teachers dressed him in a monster costume.
His teacher said he went around "roaring" at everyone.
That's my boy! :)

Since it's warming up, we've been riding dirt roads in search of "moo cows" more often. :)

And lastly, yes I'm THAT mom who let's her boy play in mud puddles.
Nothing a little soap & water can't handle. ;)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

St. Patty's~2013

I love having different holidays to look forward to. No matter how big or small they may be.

This year I dressed Jubal in green every day for school the entire week leading up to St. Patrick's Day.  I didn't have enough green for Gentry to wear it each day, but he did wear it every other day.  Then, on Friday, I had bought each of my boys something cute to wear for the day. :)

Gentry & his "teacher", Mrs. Deloris.  His little jumper says "Little ShamRocker".

Jubal & his friend, Lily. He's "Lucky". ;)

Every time I take Jubal's picture with a friend, he wants to hold their hand. 
Lily was too busy smiling for the camera.

Anyway, on Friday for Jubal's class, I made some little Lucky Charm treats I found on Pinterest and thought I would try.  The woman who originally posted them used computer printouts on card stock.  I, on the other hand, used plain old construction paper, regular printer paper, glue, and markers and made my own by hand.  They were still just as cute to me.  Made with love.

Originally posted here.

We spent the evening after work & school out playing in the back yard.  I'm loving that the time has changed and we have more outside time when we get home with our boys.

Even though I HATE this next picture, I'm going to post it simply because it has us all in it.  Larson is the only one with his eyes open and evidently my chin was trying to eat my neck. HA!  No matter, Mrs. Deloris took this for us and it's my little family all together, so who cares?!



Friday, March 15, 2013

No Tears

Last Friday we took Jubal for the dreaded "haircut". Ever since we started getting his hair cut right after he turned one, he has screamed, cried, and kicked every. single. time. throughout the entire cut. My poor friend, and stylist, Rachel has been awesome dealing with it. She never gets upset, just goes with the flow.

He still looks a little worried here, but this is his first time sitting in the chair alone. :)

Usually, I have to sit in the chair with Jubal, my arms wrapped around his arms and hands, his feet tucked between my crossed legs, and then Larson has to hold his head still while Rachel hurriedly cuts his hair. Meanwhile, he's crying and screaming at the top of his little lungs, hair stuck to the tears running down his cheeks, and all in his mouth.

Post haircut treat.  Cheese & crackers.  His choice.

With all that being said, imagine our surprise when he agreed to sit in the chair all by himself and let "me" cut his hair.  It was actually Rachel, but I stood beside her the whole time and we never pointed him where he could see in the mirror.  He never even whimpered.

So proud of my big boy!

Eventually, he came to realize that it wasn't me cutting his hair, but he didn't let it bother him.  He sat up like a big boy and got his hair cut like a BOSS!!!  I hope it goes that smoothly from now on.  It was great not having him have a total meltdown.  I felt like I was traumatizing my child every time we took him for a haircut.  Thankfully, not this time.  Yay for Jubal!!!! 

I'm sure Rachel appreciates him being a big boy, too. ;)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Backyard Fun

We recently got Jubal & Gentry a new swing set. I looked at several different wooden ones, but essentially I liked the metal swing we got them the best. I felt like it had more fun little gadgets than most of the wooden ones. It has what is called a "flying saucer", a glider, two swings, a swinging horse, and a fun slide. It's perfect for my boys and Jubal loves it. So far, Gentry has only been able to swing on the flying saucer because the infant swing we bought to put up for him won't work with the swing set. The hooks are wrong and the ropes are too long. We're going to get him a new one soon, though. He's happy in the flying saucer anyway. :)

See?! Just look at that big ol' smile.

Looking at Daddy.

Ok, Mama! Enough with the pictures.

Thankfully, the weather has been much nicer lately and we've been able to get outside more.  For a while there, it was too cold and rainy to go out for anything, really.  I hated having to get out just to go to work.

We've had their swing set up for a few weeks now, but they are just now getting to enjoy it some.  I have to add that Larson got outside on a Sunday afternoon and put this together right by himself.  No help from me, even.  I'm so proud of him.  He's so patient.

I'm looking forward to many evenings outside this spring and summer, playing on the swing set with my boys.  Supper can wait until a little later.  I want to make some memories with my babies! ;)

There's nothing I want more than for my boys to know that they are worth every minute of my time!!!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rattlesnake Roundup~2013

Once again, we attended our annual Rattlesnake Roundup festival this past weekend. We were able to let Mr. Gentry ride along with us this year in the parade. He fell asleep as the parade got underway, so obviously, he wasn't too enthused. ;)

Jubal, on the other hand, enjoyed waving at everyone and yelling, "Hey!".  Our niece, Alannah, was with us again this year as well.

Jubal was really into the trampoline/bungy jump. He did very well, too. Gentry pretty much just watched all the people scattered about. It was a fun day. I am just thankful to be able to spend time with my family. They mean everything to me. :)


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nine Months Of Lovin'

My sweet Gentry,

I'm sorry I'm a few days late getting this posted. It certainly doesn't mean this past month hasn't been important. In fact, it's been very important. You've made progress in leaps & bounds this month. Lots of milestones, my son. I'm so proud of you!

Your first boo boo.
  • Your two bottom teeth are completely in and your smile is beautiful.  You have four more trying to come in at the same time now.  It won't be long and you will have a mouth full.
  • You've finally started crawling.  We weren't sure if you were going to crawl or just go straight to walking since you love to stand and walk with us holding your hands.  You sure are fast.
  • You pull up on everything you can wrap your little hands around.  You haven't mastered it, and fall often, but you're getting there.
  • We've been trying you on different soft "table" foods.  You like mashed potatoes, and have just started eating grits.  You love your puffs.  Your daddy fed you smashed up chicken bites from KFC last night.  We haven't found anything you don't like yet.
  • You got your first boo boo.  You were napping on mama & daddy's bed while we were out on the back deck and evidently woke up and decided to get yourself down.  Face first.  Sorry little guy.  Mommy fail!
  • You laugh out loud at everything your big brother does.  We have to get onto him constantly because we think he's being too rough, but it seems like the rougher he plays, the funnier you think he is.  No worries, we don't let him play that rough with you.
  • You love bath time.  You get very angry when Jubal takes your red cup from you.  We've had to put two red cups in the tub just to satisfy you both.
  • You enjoy being outside a lot.  The weather has been warmer and it's quit raining so much so we've spent some time outside lately.  You could hang outside all day if we would let you.  It sure does make for a snotty nose, though.  Poor thing, just like Jubal, you got your mama's allergies. Sorry again, Bubs.
  • I've started buying you 12 month clothes because you are quickly outgrowing all of your 9 month things.  My baby is starting to look like a little toddler boy.
  • At your 9 month well check yesterday you weighed in at 20 lbs. 6 ozs. (47th percentile), you are 28 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile), and your head measures 18 1/2 (68th percentile).  You got your daddy's head. ;)
  • Your favorite things are Bozley (our little chihuahua) & our iPhones.  We've bought you little play phones, but you just have to have the real thing.

That's about all I can think of right now, big guy.  You are such a blessing in our life.  I was so unsure of myself when we were expecting you.  I wasn't sure if I was a good enough mama for two babies.  God doesn't make mistakes, though, and I've learned that one little boy for each arm is pure perfection.  I thank God for you every. single. day.  You are the sweetest baby with the biggest, brightest smile and you make my heart smile just looking at you.

My prayer for you is that you always know how loved you are and that you always find strength in that.  I pray for you to become a confident, yet humble young man, to be honest and have integrity, to be compassionate, trustworthy, and loyal, and to be full of life & love.  I also pray that I am a great influence in your life so I may lead you where God wants you to go.

You are special, Gentry.  Don't ever let anyone make you feel anything less.

Love you forever,

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