Thursday, March 14, 2013

Backyard Fun

We recently got Jubal & Gentry a new swing set. I looked at several different wooden ones, but essentially I liked the metal swing we got them the best. I felt like it had more fun little gadgets than most of the wooden ones. It has what is called a "flying saucer", a glider, two swings, a swinging horse, and a fun slide. It's perfect for my boys and Jubal loves it. So far, Gentry has only been able to swing on the flying saucer because the infant swing we bought to put up for him won't work with the swing set. The hooks are wrong and the ropes are too long. We're going to get him a new one soon, though. He's happy in the flying saucer anyway. :)

See?! Just look at that big ol' smile.

Looking at Daddy.

Ok, Mama! Enough with the pictures.

Thankfully, the weather has been much nicer lately and we've been able to get outside more.  For a while there, it was too cold and rainy to go out for anything, really.  I hated having to get out just to go to work.

We've had their swing set up for a few weeks now, but they are just now getting to enjoy it some.  I have to add that Larson got outside on a Sunday afternoon and put this together right by himself.  No help from me, even.  I'm so proud of him.  He's so patient.

I'm looking forward to many evenings outside this spring and summer, playing on the swing set with my boys.  Supper can wait until a little later.  I want to make some memories with my babies! ;)

There's nothing I want more than for my boys to know that they are worth every minute of my time!!!


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