Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jubal's First Fish

We took Jubal on his first fishing trip a couple of weekends ago.  It was hot and sunny all day long so we decided to wait until later in the evening before going.  Wouldn't you know as soon as we got there the skies would open up and it would start raining?!

We didn't let the rain stop us, though.  We got out there and caught several fish, including Jubal's very own first catch.  He did it ALL by himself, too!  His daddy helped him a few times to show him how the cork would bob in the water and how to pull his line when it did.  He caught on quickly.


Adam & Michelle bought Jubal his first cane pole.

He was SO proud of his fish and we were SO proud of our little fisherman.  Looks like there may be a lot of fishing trips in our future. :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Year Stats

My sweet Gentry celebrated his first birthday on Saturday, June 8. Larson took Monday off so we could have 3 whole days together as a family, which is rare, and to also be with me as I took Gentry to his one year well check for shots.

My poor fella ended up getting 3 shots at the pediatrician's office, then we had to go over to the hospital to have his blood drawn to check his lead levels (& whatever else they tested for), then we had to have his finger pricked later to check his hemoglobin.  He was not happy about getting stuck 5 different times.  Getting the blood drawn was by far the worst, though. :(

Gentry is now standing tall at 30 inches.  He weighs 22 lbs. 10 ozs.  His head circumference is 19 1/4 inches.  He's still got a big head like his daddy. ;)

He is now exclusively on table food and whole milk.  He drinks from sippy cups.  I do still send one bottle with him to daycare, along with his cups, just in case, and he gets a bottle while I'm rocking him to sleep at night.  He'll give up the bottle thing soon enough.  As for me rocking him to sleep...I'll do that forever if he'll let me. ;)

He says dada, mama, bubba, baba, and hey.  His first word was dada, though.

He loves music and every time he hears anything remotely like music, he's dancing.  The cutest little dancer ever!  Shake your booty!!

He still wears size 4 diapers.  Most of his clothes are 12 month, but he also wears 18 month.  He wears a size 3W walking shoe.

He has yet to "let go" when walking.  He gets around well, but refuses to not be holding onto something when he walks.  He stands alone, but won't take a step.

He has 6 teeth.  Four on top, two on bottom, with two more coming in on the bottom now.

I know a first haircut is in the near future, but I really don't won't to cut it right now.  He has thick blond hair and it's so wispy.  Maybe we'll just trim it a little sometime soon.

He really isn't into TV at all so he doesn't have any favorite shows.  He would rather be crawling around getting into everything or playing with his brother than watching TV.

He loves taking a bath, especially with his brother.  Daddy still gives all the baths at night.  It gives Mama time to get the kitchen cleaned up from supper. :)

That's about all I can think of for now.  I just wanted to write these down for my memory's sake.  I love looking back at these posts and seeing where my babies were at a certain time in their life.   


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gentry is ONE!

My sweet Gentry,

Before I actually write about your big day, I just want to write you a few words to let you know what a blessing it has been to be your mommy for this past year.

When we found out that we were expecting another baby, we were shocked to say the least.  I often wondered throughout my pregnancy with you if I was capable of taking care of two little ones.  You made my job as a mommy very easy.

You have been such a wonderful little boy.  God truly blessed me with my children.  He gave me not one, but two healthy, happy baby boys.  You have always been a good sleeper, you've met milestones accordingly, you smile and laugh all the time, and I swear you can see right into my soul with those gorgeous blue eyes of yours.

You are a genuine joy in our life together and we love you so very much.  I just want you to know how you've not only completed our family, but also complimented it.  Your daddy, your brother, and I love you so very much and our life just wouldn't be the same without you in it.


Let's get this party started!
We actually started celebrating your birthday on Friday night.  Adam, Michelle and their girls all came over with fireworks that we set off after dark.  You got sleepy before we could finish, but that was ok with me.  It gave us a little time inside, just you & I.
As I sat there rocking you, I couldn't help but think back to a year before when we were preparing for you to come into the world.  All I could do was thank God that He had given you to us.  I looked into your eyes and told you how thankful I was for you and said a prayer for you before you closed your little eyes and fell asleep in my arms.  Sleep well, precious one.
I took Saturday off since it was your big day so I could spend the whole day with you and our family.  You woke up around 8:00 A.M. and so our day began with us singing Happy Birthday to you.  You are too sweet!  When we started singing, you started dancing.  What's really funny is that no matter how many times we sung it to you, you danced every time.
I went and picked up your cake around 9:00 and we began getting ready for your party.  We had you a monkey party.  You're our climber, that's for sure.  Your cake was so cute and matched your shirt from Mrs. Christen perfectly.  I couldn't get over your smash cake.  I didn't ask for anything specific for your smash cake and was just expecting a regular cake, but Mrs. KayLeigh really outdone herself by making you an actual monkey to smash.

I took several pictures of your cake because I was amazed at all the little details KayLeigh had created.  She did a wonderful job at making my vision come true.  All I gave her was a picture of your shirt to go by.

We had a water slide/pool party for you.  I imagine every birthday will always be associated with water since your birthday is in the summer.  Thankfully, you love the water.  Mrs. Michelle provided the slide for your party.  Although it wasn't a big deal to you, all of our guests had a ball.  You preferred to sit in the baby pool in the shade with us.

Here's a few pictures of everyone else playing on the slide, though.

I wasn't quick enough to get him actually coming down the slide.

All you can see is Jubal's feet here. HA!

Even your daddy went down the slide. 
All you can see are his hands in the air, though. :)

After you took you a little nap, we grilled pork chops and hot dogs.  We all went inside and ate and after our feast it was time to sing you Happy Birthday again and let you dig into your cake.

And then it was time for the moment we had all been waiting for...

Needless to say, you loved your cake!!!

It was a great day.  We stayed outside and played in water and talked and ran and whatever else you can think of until 8:30 that night.  You were ready for a bath and sleep by then.  You and Jubal both were asleep within 10 minutes after getting your baths.  It was a big day for you both.

A good, good day!

Oh, here's a couple of pictures of you and your godmother, Darla. 

I'm ashamed of myself for not getting any pictures of you with me or your daddy on your first birthday.  I didn't even realize it until I went to uploading pics.  I could kick myself!  We love you, though, and we were right there with you for your big day.  Never doubt that. ;)


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