Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Planet Cycle Party

We went to the Planet Cycle Christmas party at Mr. Roger & Mrs. Colette's house again this year. We enjoyed lasagna, turkey, Boston butt, with several sides, and lots of yummy finger foods. It was a fun evening with all of my co-workers.

I love my job and my employers. I've been with the business going on 12 years in March 2016.  I started with Shane Sikes as the owner,  and I stayed when Scott took over in November 2010.  It's been the best job I've ever had and I feel blessed to have it.


Our Christmas~2015

We had a quiet, simple Christmas. The boys are at a very fun age. They anxiously awaited the holiday this year with so much excitement. Again this year, they got three gifts each from mom & dad, and three from Santa. Their stockings are filled with all kinds of different goodies, and they're are a big hit every year.

The boys fell asleep on the couch watching A Christmas Story with me.  The glow of the Christmas tree made it feel all nice & cozy, all while the air conditioner was running.  Ha!  We had an 80° Christmas this year.

Santa brought the boys a big gift, a golf cart, to share this year.  They also got a karaoke machine, extra mic, and several music CDs to go with it.  What's funny is that you can't put a golf cart under the tree, and when Jubal woke up Christmas morning he didn't think Santa stopped at our house since there were no extra gifts under the tree.

Gentry walked into the living room and saw the karaoke machine and all sitting at the front door.  He exclaimed that Santa had indeed came by.  I had the key to their golf cart hanging by the door as well.  When they saw the key, they flung open the front door and to their surprise, Santa had given them their most favorite gift of all.

After the initial excitement wore off, we went back inside to open the rest of our gifts.  It was so fun watching them tear open their presents.

Jubal got the smart watch he asked for, the Pop The Pig game, and a pair of boots.  Gentry got his treasure truck, the Hungry Hungry Hippo game, and a pair of boots, too.  Gentry also got a Paw Patrol watch in his stocking since Jubal asked Santa to bring his brother a watch as well. :)


Later for lunch, my mama, sister, and Laney came over for our 2nd annual low country boil for Christmas Feast.  We sat a table with chairs up under our carport and had the biggest feast ever on shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn.  It was so good.  The kids all road the golf cart and only stopped briefly to munch a little.  It was a beautiful sunshiny day and we enjoyed Christmas so very much. 

I didn't get any pics since my hands were all up in some good food.  Ha!

We took Laney & the boys to see lights later, and went to Larson's daddy's for a bit.  They were amazed by all the Christmas tree lights we found on the way to Mr. Larry Dean's so we stopped for a couple of pictures.

It was a good, good day.  I'm so thankful to have been able to spend it with the ones I love. :)


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Cards~2015

I am proud to share our Christmas cards with you again this year. I think they turned out great, simply because my boys are the cutest. ;)

So without further ado...

***From our family to yours***

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gentry's Oral Restoration

My sweet Gentry had to have some work done on a couple of his teeth on Monday. He had some soft spots in some baby teeth, and his dentist wanted to do some gel fillings to preserve his baby teeth until he lost them naturally.

I was very nervous about them putting him to sleep.  Although Jubal did well during the procedure, he didn't like it much in recovery.  I was concerned about how Gentry would be in recovery as well.  Little did I know just how well he would do throughout the entire process.

Getting ready to go back.

He was making some silly faces before he went back.  This was before the "gogo juice" even got him.  He was just feeling good about being the center of every one's attention.  He loved all of his nurses, and the anesthesiologist.

Good sugar right before going back.

He was sitting on his bed talking to one of his nurses when the meds kicked in.  It was so funny.  His little face just went blank and he started leaning, about to fall over. They laid him down, and started to roll him out.  

I wish now that I had thought about taking a picture of him being wheeled down the hall.  He had his little arm propped behind his head, looking all cute as if he were posing for us all.  Grinning from ear to ear.  All the nurses just ooohhed & aaahhhed all the way through the halls. :)

Jubal chilling out while we waited for surgery to be over.

The surgery lasted about an hour or so.  When they called me back to recovery I wasn't sure what to expect.  My big boy was so good, though.  There were no tears, no screaming out, no anxiety, nothing.  He immediately started drinking some juice, and they went ahead and moved us to a room.  I was so proud of him!!

He was so calm.  I could tell he was still groggy and his little mouth was sore, but he was just as precious as ever.  We stayed in recovery for about 45 minutes to make sure his tummy could handle his juice and there were no complications from the anesthesia.

I caught Jubal pooping while on the phone, so I have to share this pic...

He's going to kill me one day for this. HA!

After leaving the outpatient center, we headed home.  Gentry slept all the way.  When we got home we gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep.  He rested well, and when he got up later he ate what he could since his gums were a little sore.  After a bath and more Tylenol, he was ready for bed again.  

I'm so proud of the brave little warrior I have.  He did so good. :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trip To See Santa~2015

We made our trip to see Santa again this year at Bass Pro.  I'm happy to have a picture of my boys with the same Santa every year.  It was really warm this year, with it already being 75 degrees by 10 AM.  I still managed to dress them in green and red, though. ;)

Click to enlarge.

Our trip this year was a little different from the years before.  We actually got to spend the entire day in Savannah and take our time since we were spending the night due to Gentry's oral surgery Monday morning.  We took advantage of it and did lots of fun things with our boys.

After having a delicious lunch at Outback, we went and got our room, rested for a few minutes, and went to do a little shopping.  After getting the boys some new boots, we took them to Get Air Savannah.  They absolutely loved that place.  It's a trampoline park, and it was fun.

Larson even got in on the fun.  The picture is blurry, but I caught him mid-air, in the pit, and coming out. :)

After wearing the boys down some, we went back to our room to clean up some, then out to supper.  After supper, it was time for baths and bed time for the boys.  I still had to run back to Walmart to pick up a few more gifts and stocking stuffers, and I wanted them asleep before I left.  We all had to be up early the next morning, and my sweet Gentry was being put to sleep for some oral restoration.

It was nice to get to take our time and do several different things without feeling rushed because we had to head back home the same day.  Our boys enjoyed it, and I feel we had another successful trip again this year.

Click to enlarge.

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