Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Pic~2011

We spent the day in Savannah this past Sunday finishing up our Christmas shopping. I decided last year that we would plan a Sunday every December before Christmas to go to the Savannah Mall, specifically to take Jubal to Bass Pro Shop to have his picture made with Santa.

Well...I've been seeing a lot of Santa pics of sweet babies looking terrified, crying, and screaming this year.

I was almost certain Jubal would be intrigued with Santa and, hopefully, wouldn't cry. I still think he would have done much better had he not been feeling badly and running a temp. :(

So, without further ado...

Our {Crying} Santa Pic~2011

It is definitely much different than last year's pic. Bless his heart!

I was going to take him to the Statesboro Mall Monday to get another chance at a better pic with Santa, but my sweet boy was still sick so we didn't get to make it.

Maybe next year. :)


1 comment:

  1. It seems like at this age, that kids are always afraid of Santa! LOL I remember when Matthew was that age he cried as well. I really didn't think he would, but he did! LOL


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