Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Just a little note since this may be my last post until after the new year...

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

Until next year,

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Lights~2013

As we have done since Jubal was one, we took the boys to look at Christmas lights. It was a little disappointing this year because where we usually take them wasn't as big as it has been in past years.

Next year, we intend on taking them to Guido Gardens and TMT Christmas Farm.  I love Guido Gardens, but have never been to TMT.  I saw lots of pictures of friends and their children there, and it looks fun.  So, maybe next year.

No matter what, though, I was with my handsome husband and my sweet little boys, so I didn't care where we went to see lights as long as we were together. :)

Bad lighting, but love the gingerbread house.

Jubal said, "Aww! Look! It's baby Jesus!" :)

I love this time of year.  I love experiencing things with my boys.  I hope we always are able to do these things with them.  I hope it means as much to them as it does to us.

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Gabriel's First Birthday

We had a fairly busy weekend. Friday, after we both got off of work, we went to Larson's sister's house for her son's birthday. Gabriel is now ONE!

Gabriel wasn't sure about digging into his cake, but I can promise you my boys did not have a problem.  Ha!

It was a fun little gathering.  I'm glad my boys got to celebrate with their cousin for his first birthday.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Cards~2013

It's hard to believe how quickly Christmas came back around this year.  It seems like we just sent out last year's Christmas cards.

I love looking through all the pretty cards each year, looking for "ours".  I usually start searching right after Halloween.  That way if I have a card in mind, I (somewhat) know what colors to dress us all in to coordinate with our cards.  Because, well, you know...I love putting our pictures on our Christmas cards. ;)

If anyone is reading this that didn't get a card from us this year, consider this yours.  I would love to be able to send one to all of our dear friends, but that's just not possible right now.  We love each of our wonderful friends, though, and wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Click to enlarge.

Merry Christmas from
The Stanfield Family!

*Past Christmas cards here & here.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seeing Santa~2013

It's that time of year again. The chance to go see Santa and tell him what we would like for Christmas. Jubal was very excited and did a great job. Gentry? Gentry wasn't quite so sure about Santa this year...

The line generally moves quickly, but while we waited we walked around and enjoyed the wonderland.  Gentry was asleep when we first went in, so he slept on Larson's shoulder while Jubal played games and petted the reindeer.

After Gentry woke up, he & Jubal enjoyed trying to help the "elf" that was upside down in the snow.

After walking around looking at all the goodies Bass Pro has to offer, it was time to see good ol' St. Nick.  Jubal was ready.  He told Santa he wanted some shark & dinosaur books.  I'm pretty sure Santa can handle that. ;)

As soon as Larson handed poor little Gentry off, he started screaming.  He didn't want anything to do with Santa or presents or Christmas at all!!!

The handoff.  The screaming begins. Ha!

I love this one where Jubal is looking up at Santa.  So sweet!

My beautiful boys with Santa.

Jubal saw me taking pictures, so he looked over at me for one.

Almost over, Gentry buddy.  Daddy's coming.

As soon as Larson picked Gentry up out of Santa's lap he quit crying.  That fast.  He just wasn't happy being given to a strange looking man in a red suit.  Jubal did the same thing at that age, too.  I don't blame either of them.  I would have probably been scared, too.

Afterwards, we walked outside and let the boys admire the waterfall.  They both love water and this was amazing to them.

Since we got all of our shopping done ahead of time this year, we didn't have to do any of that.  We went and got a bite to eat and just enjoyed the day together.  It was very nice not to feel rushed like we've usually been in the years passed.  Although, I would have liked to get their picture on the merry-go-round like I have before.  The train wasn't running this year, either. :(

We made it home safe & sound and loved being lazy and watching movies together.  Jubal liked eating the candy canes the most, I think.

It was another amazing day with my little family.  Maybe next year Gentry won't be so afraid of Santa.

And just for comparison...

Click to enlarge.

You can also revisit our other Santa trips here, here, and here.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Company Christmas~2013

We enjoyed my company Christmas party again this year. Each year the number of people at the party grows, so this year we were a little packed. The party is held at the owner's home and we're running out of room. Maybe next year we'll go out to a nice restaurant. Maybe. Hopefully.

I do like being able to get a picture in front of the Christmas tree at their house each year, though.  It's fun to see our family & our boys grow.

I had to include this picture, too, because I love the expression on Jubal's face.  It's so hard to get everyone to look at the same time and sometimes the outtakes are the best. ;)

Here's a look back at each previous year.

2010 // 2011 // 2012

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Eighteen Months

I have several posts in progress, but first things first...

My baby boy is 18 months old now!  Time is passing so quickly.  I waited to write this post intentionally because I wanted to wait until his 18 month appointment for his exact stats.

Gentry Slade,

My beautiful, blue-eyed boy.  You are such a blessing.  You are such a hand full, too.  Ha!  We call you "Busy", because that's just what you are.  Busy.  "Uncle" Adam gave you that name and it's just stuck.

You are into everything.  It doesn't matter how many times we tell you no, or how many times we pop your little hands or bottom.  You have a mind all your own, and you are a stubborn little boy.  I mean that in the most loving way, though. :)

You have grown in leaps & bounds, little one.  So many new things going on with you.  Let me try to remember them all.  I tell myself all the time that I should do better at keeping a list, but I just don't.  Shame on me!

When we took you to your appointment yesterday, you weighed in at 26.12 lbs., you are 32 1/2 inches tall, and you still have that big ol' head, measuring 19 1/2 inches.  Overall, you're in the 61st percentile.  Dr. Rao says you are perfect.

You have 12 teeth.  You like to use them, too.  Not just for eating, either.  We're trying to break you from the biting.  I guess you feel like it's your only defense mechanism right now.  You also like to pinch.

You wear 18-24 months clothes, and size 4 diapers.  You wear a size 5 shoe.  Although you love Jubal's hand-me-down Georgia Boots, you still have a little growing left to do before they fit you just right.

You still like to go to sleep with a bottle at night, but that is about to be over, sweet boy.  Sorry!  You drink everything from a cup or with a straw during the day, but when it comes to nap time and bed time, you want that bottle.

You have always been a great sleeper.  You have started staying up a little later lately, though.  You used to go to bed between 8-8:30.  Now, it's more like 9.  I don't mind, though.  It gives us more time together. :)

You want ME when you're sleepy.  I still rock you to sleep every single night.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

You are not a snuggler.  You like your space when you sleep.  You do like to crawl up in my lap and sit with me.  On your own terms, though.  It's so sweet.  You love to give kisses.  Sometimes you just walk up and kiss us on the leg or arm, which ever is closer for you.  You give it the "smack" sound, too.

You walk & run like a champ.

You are not a big eater at all.  When you're hungry, you eat pretty well, though.  Your favorite foods are macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes with lots of gravy, chicken, pears, sliced cheese, honey bbq chips, butter flavored puffed corn, and fruit snacks.

You are talking more & more.  You say anything we prompt you to say, but the only words you use regularly are mama, dada, bubba, baba, ball, bird, hey, bye bye, eat, more, and mine.

You are a climber and you have no fear.  You scare your mama to death, though. ;)

Your favorite thing to do is take things out of a container and then put them back.  You will sit and take one thing out at a time, then put it all back one at a time, too.  Sometimes you will just dump the container out, but not usually.  You love puzzles and you amaze me how you can already put them back together.

You are so smart.  I'm so thankful for two very smart boys.

Oh! I can't leave out the best part.  You have already gotten moved up into the K-2 class at daycare.  No more baby room.  You will really excel now.  This new adventure will give you more room to grow & explore on your own.  I'm so excited & happy for you!!

Gentry, I just want you to know how important you are to our family.  You make our whole world complete.  Even though you and Jubal fight (like brothers) he loves you so much and you just adore him.  We all love you so much and I can't imagine life without you in it.  I don't want to.  I pray over you every night, thanking God for you, praying for your safety, praying for you to grow into a healthy, happy young man.  I can't express enough in words my love for you.  I just hope that you always feel my love for you and I show you enough, and that me and your daddy are great role models for you.  I try very hard to teach by example.

I'm so proud to be your mama, sweet boy.

My love always,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Classroom Christmas Tree

Jubal's little class put up their Christmas tree yesterday at school. He is really all about Christmas and decorating the tree this year.

From the pictures his teacher sent me, it looks like they all had a fun time putting up their little tree.

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