Friday, December 17, 2010

Company Christmas

We went to have dinner with the new owners of the company I work for last night.  We enjoyed an evening of great food & good conversation.  Their home was beautiful & Mrs. Colette had everything decorated so pretty for Christmas.  She actually had 5 trees up, but I only took pictures of these three.

This is the biggest tree in her living room.

This one is in between her foyer & dining room.

This one is in her breakfast nook.
She also had one in their office and one at the first landing going upstairs.

I had to throw in a picture of their fireplace/mantle.
It was so cozy.
Immediately, when you walk in, you feel at home.

P.S. Jubal made himself at home, too.  It was nice & warm inside their home, which is why he came out of his britches. Haha!!!



  1. Yes, girl, they sure do! Mrs. Colette was telling me last night, though, that their first home was only 940 sq. ft. They've upgraded along & along and finally have been able to build the home of their dreams. Larson & I have alot of work to!

  2. Talk about a small world. I work with Mrs. Colette's sister, Roseann, and also went to high school with their son, Scott. WOW!!! There are always connections with everyone you know.

  3. Yep...Scott's my new boss. Please tell Roseann I said hello.


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