Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family Pics~2013

We had our pictures taken November 24 by our friend, Christie, who is not a professional photographer, but takes the time to take pictures for us.  It was cold & extremely windy. Out of the 91 pictures she took, we were able to get 12 good pictures out of them. Ha! Either our hair was blowing all over the place, one of us wasn't looking, or some one's eyes were closed. I got what I needed, though, thankfully. Now I'll have some lovely pictures of my family for my walls at home and for our Christmas cards this year. That's all that matters to me. :)

This is how most of them turned out...

Just look at our hair! Larson can't seem to keep his eyes open in pictures. Ha!

Anyway, I can't wait to get some prints for my walls, or see the completed product of our Christmas cards.  I love my little family so very much, and I'm thankful for the pictures I did get. :) 


Friday, November 22, 2013

More School Days

Jubal still enjoys school, and loves his teacher, Mrs. Diane.
He has fun-filled days and learns so much each day.
Most weeks, he is the only one in his class that can
recite his Bible verse for that week.
I'm so proud of my big boy!

Here's an update in pictures.

Playing "basketball" with a football. Ha!

Snack time.

Reading. Mostly just describing pictures. ;)

Watching Gwen finish up her coloring sheet.

The ball train.

If you look real close you can see the "lady bug".

Wearing his pumpkin shirt to school on Halloween.

I made several little treats for his class to enjoy for Halloween.

Coloring time.

Reciting his Bible verse.

Pretending to be a doctor. Fixing Gwen's baby.

Riding with Wesley.

My big boy helping with the lunch trays.

Pushing the lunch cart.

Both of my boys at recess. Gentry wanted to come over to
Jubal's playground so bad.

Helping put up supplies.

Oh no! They almost boxed Jubal up with the other supplies. ;)

His hand turkey he made for Thanksgiving.

He told Mrs. Diane he was an evil princess. She suggested king, but
he was adamant about being a princess. Ha!

Thankfully, he moved on to playing with his friends Leo & Ian.

He likes to color.

Now that's more like it. Boys will be boys! No princesses here! ;)


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Monday Play Day

On Mondays, after we pick Daddy up from work, we've been going
to the park to play for awhile. 
The boys have each made little friends that live near the park
that wait for our car to pull up on Mondays
and then they come running to play with them.

Since the time change, we haven't been able to spend a lot of time there, but
we swing by for a few minutes anyway. 
Jubal has come to expect it.  He knows what day it is when we go get Daddy.
It's "Park Day"! :) 

A train comes by every evening about the same time.  They love watching the train go by and from the moment they hear the train's whistle blow miles before it actually comes by, they find their spot on this little slide to wait for it to pass. 
The conductor always opens his window and waves at all the children
excitedly watching him pass by.

Gentry thinks he's a big boy, too.  He loves to run and play with all of the big kids.

This is Jubal's favorite thing to play on. 
It has four different slides and monkey bars, and it has a pole you can slide down, with a tunnel to crawl through, too.

I'm very happy that my boys love outside activities.  It will begin to get darker sooner and I'll be sad that we can't go to the park on Mondays until
Spring rolls around again.
So, we're making the best out of what little daylight we have left.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Around The House

On the weekends when we're not on the go, we spend as much time as we can outside.  Jubal purposely threw one of his balls into this culvert.  Larson tried his best to retrieve it, even with a broom handle and half of his body inside, but to no avail.  It's still funny to look at this picture of him halfway in there, though. Ha!

The boys usually don't get out of their t-shirts or underwear/diaper until after I get home on Saturdays.  Larson sends me pictures throughout their day just like this.

It must have been a little chilly, since Larson actually put pants on them this particular day.

Let me tell you about these boots.  These are "Uncle" Adam's boots.  If you even dared to try and get this boy out of those boots, you had H-E-double hockey sticks to pay.  He loves those boots!

My sweet Gentry.  He woke up from a nap and everyone was outside so he came right on out just like he wanted to and sat down until he woke up better.  Then, he didn't slow down.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trick or Treat~2013

We had so much fun trick-or-treating this year!
Jubal totally "got it" this year, too.
He would go up to each house and say, "Trick or Treat!",
 without even being prompted. 
Then he made sure to say thank you, as well.

Gentry had to be coaxed to walk up to the people
giving out candy, but I'm proud of that, really.
It won't be long and he'll be running up to the
houses by himself, too.

Larson & I don't really dress up, but we do like to paint
our faces or wear silly wigs, or something.
I think it's fun.  We love doing this each year.
Larson was a rodeo clown this year, and I guess you
could call me a floozy. Ha!

I would love to do the family-themed thing,
but it's just too much on a week night.
Especially when we work until it's almost
time for trick or treat.

Here's some more pictures from our night out.

After going to all these homes, Gentry was pretty much done
so he rode it out in the car with me while Jubal & Larson
hit a couple more houses before
calling it quits.

Isn't he just the cutest little scarecrow??

Larson started letting Jubal go up alone after Gentry was done. :)

Then we had a meltdown.
Gentry was mad because I wasn't giving
 him candy quickly enough.

Just look at this face.

His "I want it NOW!" face. Ha!

Finally, we ended our night over at our friends house.
We took the boys to a couple of homes
in her neighborhood, which is mostly military.

Then, we came home and went through all the candy.
I put up most of it to be rationed out, and put
some in a candy dish for easy access.

This was a very fun Halloween for our family.
I'm so thankful for my boys. 

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