Thursday, November 14, 2013

Monday Play Day

On Mondays, after we pick Daddy up from work, we've been going
to the park to play for awhile. 
The boys have each made little friends that live near the park
that wait for our car to pull up on Mondays
and then they come running to play with them.

Since the time change, we haven't been able to spend a lot of time there, but
we swing by for a few minutes anyway. 
Jubal has come to expect it.  He knows what day it is when we go get Daddy.
It's "Park Day"! :) 

A train comes by every evening about the same time.  They love watching the train go by and from the moment they hear the train's whistle blow miles before it actually comes by, they find their spot on this little slide to wait for it to pass. 
The conductor always opens his window and waves at all the children
excitedly watching him pass by.

Gentry thinks he's a big boy, too.  He loves to run and play with all of the big kids.

This is Jubal's favorite thing to play on. 
It has four different slides and monkey bars, and it has a pole you can slide down, with a tunnel to crawl through, too.

I'm very happy that my boys love outside activities.  It will begin to get darker sooner and I'll be sad that we can't go to the park on Mondays until
Spring rolls around again.
So, we're making the best out of what little daylight we have left.

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