Friday, September 26, 2014

First School Project

Jubal's very first school project was due today. I stressed all week about it, not sure how I wanted to create a scarecrow on a 6 foot piece of white paper his teachers sent home last Friday. I thought about all kinds of different ways. In the end, I decided to use an old Halloween costume that both Jubal & Gentry wore. I had it put up to save and when they send these projects back home, I will put it safely back where it belongs.  Because I'm sentimental like that.

I think it turned out pretty good since this mama is not crafty at all.  I like to try different things that I may see on Pinterest, as far as baking cute things for the boys' class parties and such, but this was my first scarecrow experience.  For real.

Jubal was very excited about it, so that's what matters.  The entire Pre-K hall at GES will be filled with these for several weeks and we will get to view them all at the PTO meeting October 16.  I'm very excited to see everyone else's ideas.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Winding Up Summer

I don't know if my boys would agree with me or not, but this old woman is ready for summer to be over. I'm so over the heat that comes with living in south Georgia, and especially the insects. I hate mosquitoes & gnats!

Seriously, though, I'm ready for fall to grace us with its beautiful, cooler weather.  I'm ready for the leaves to begin changing, and the air to become easier to breathe.  I'm ready to be able to sit outside in the evenings while my growing boys run & play, without my hair being soaked with sweat.

Until then, we've been trying to make the best of what's left of summer by staying close to water.  I'm glad my babies love to be in the water.

Both boys love to check out all the crickets, worms, lizards, and different little critters that seem more prominent in the summer months.  Jubal was finally brave enough to hold a lizard without throwing it when it wiggled a little. Ha!

Here's to finally welcoming September.  My favorite month of all, October, isn't far behind now.  I'm so excited for this time of year.  Come on, Fall!!!  


Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Update: In Pics

As the last few weeks of summer creep by, I'm having a tough time keeping up with everything, especially now that Jubal has started K-4. The teachers at GCA send me pictures of Gentry throughout the day, and of Jubal after school.

 Here's a little update of what's going on at school, in pictures, of course.

My boy, Gentry, and his bugs.  He's not afraid of anything.

Every day when Jubal gets to the daycare,
the first thing he does is go see his brother to give him a hug. :)

I like that Jubal gets to relax after school with his buddies at the daycare.
He's been having a rough time transitioning to K-4.
He likes to talk & is very busy.

He also misses this woman very much.
Mrs. Diane will always be his favorite.
I must say, I miss her, too.

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