Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Pictures

Awhile back I invested in a "good" camera. I bought it with the intentions of taking more pictures of my boys. I, by any means, am no photographer. I do, however, enjoy getting an opportunity to get some quick pics of them whenever I can.

On our last trip to Benton Lee's, I saw this little area as we were passing by.  I thought to myself how pretty the trees were, and the old house was intriguing, too.  So, on our way to eat again at our favorite steakhouse, I decided to stop for a quick little photo session.

Just for the record, I did not pose my boys in any way.  I only told them where to stand.  Holding hands or hugging was completely their thing.  They love each other...when they're not fighting. Ha! ;)

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I normally do not edit my pictures in any way.  
However, I wanted to just try the sun glow in this picture.
I think it turned out pretty good.

These next few pictures were taken after we were finished eating and on the way back home.  It had been a long time since I saw this field in the evening this way, and it was beautiful.  

So, I pulled over again for a couple more shots.

I really need to practice some with my camera.  I love pictures.  I remember even as a small child pictures being a favorite thing of mine.  I loved going through both of my grandmother's pictures.  Over & over again.  It just never got old to me, no matter how many times I saw the exact same pictures.

These are beautiful memories that I will have to look back on one day of my boys when they were small.  We all know they won't stay like this for long.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jubal's 1st Baseball Game

My big boy, Jubal, had his very first baseball game yesterday. Even though I've been at every practice with him, it was much different being there cheering him on in a crowd of people. Most times, it's just a parent or parents at the practices, but boy, oh boy, was those bleachers packed with family & friends for the first game of the season.

I was so excited.  Not just for Jubal, but for myself.  I have always dreamed of being a ball mom.  I'm so proud that both of my boys are interested in sports.  Soccer in the fall, baseball in the spring.  Football will come when they turn 8.  Gentry's adventure will begin this coming fall.  I'm excited to see how well he does, too.


I took several pictures last night.  It was important to document.  It was to me anyway. :)


My baby's first time up on deck.

Go #2!!!

First time up to bat.

Running to first.

Just look at the happiness all over his face! :)

On third. He was talking to his buddy, Ian.

Getting sent home.

Run, baby, run!

First time crossing home plate.

Playing the infield.

Throwing the ball to first.

Watching the out be made.

Proud of himself.

Back up to bat.

Look at his sweet face.

Made it to first.

Good game!

Good sportsmanship.

This was so much fun for me as a mama.  I'm so happy to see my boys growing up, and thank the Lord that I get to.  I can't wait to see what Gentry's journey looks like when he gets started in sports. :)

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