Friday, August 26, 2016

First Assignment

Gentry had his very first "homework" assignment this week. He was to create a poster board all about himself.  I sat down with him and asked him about some of his favorite things.  I allowed him to pick the picture he wanted to go with each of his answers, glue the pictures on the poster after I had a layout, and then he wanted to embellish it with stickers.

Have a look.

He was so proud of his poster.  Instead of me taking it to the school for him, he wanted to take it and give it to his teacher himself.  He told me he just knew his teacher was going to love it, and that it was going to be the best poster ever.

I'm so proud of him!  I'm pretty sure he is becoming the sweetest little preschooler ever. ;)


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gentry's Best Buddies

Gentry has gone to daycare at GCA since he was four weeks old.  In his time there, he has made some good friends that I hope he gets to call his friends for years to come.  They all got split up this year since Pre-K started, but still love getting to see each other before & after school at the daycare.

L-R:  Stone, Gentry, Greyson, & Zakari

His very best buddy is Greyson.  Stone & Zakari are his BFFs, too.  They have a tight little circle.  Greyson went to a different school than Gentry this year because of his location in our county, Zackari is at the same school but in a different class, and Stone doesn't get to start Pre-K until next year because his birthday fell too late.

It's funny, but for two days in a row they were all dressed alike.  One day they were all in red, the next day they were all in green.  It was totally coincidental because us moms had no idea what the other mom was going to dress her boy in that day.  I think it's just a bestie thing. ;)

Stone wasn't there this particular day.

I'm thankful my boy has made lasting friendships so far.  I'm excited to see who his friends become now that he's in "big school".  Guess we'll have to wait & see.  I just pray that they're all good kids.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Laney Lou's Birthday

Alannah's birthday was August 10.  She turned THIRTEEN!  She & my sister live about 1 1/2 hour away, so I planned a surprise for her even though I wouldn't be able to be there.  I wanted her to have the best cake ever.  A girl only turns 13 once, ya know. ;)

My friends in WR pitched in to help me make it happen.  My girl, Tina, from Cake Dreams makes cakes so tasty that people have described them as "crack cake".  Addictive, I hear. Unfortunately for me, I still haven't had the chance to indulge.

Anyway, I got with an old bestie, Bobbi Sue, first to make sure she would be able to pick up & deliver the cake to my sister's house.  She said she definitely could, so I contacted Tina, told her what I needed, and got the ball rolling.  I didn't want my sister having to pick the cake up since I wanted it to be a surprise, even though she was in on the plans, too.

Alannah had requested a red velvet Marilyn Monroe cake, and that is just what she got.  Our birthday gift to her was a cake made especially for her. :)

Bobbi Sue actually delivered the cake on Friday since that's when Laney's party was to be held.  They sent me a few pics of her arriving with the cake.

The look of surprise on her sweet face made it all worth it.

She called me as soon as she received her cake, and I could hear the excitement in her voice.  The boys & I sang her "Happy Birthday" over the phone, and sent her many birthday wishes.  I'm so happy she loved it.  

They said it was the most delicious cake they had ever had.  My sister doesn't even like red velvet cake, but said she absolutely loved this cake.  I'm glad it was so good, just wish I could have been there.  Even so, she had a great birthday, and I'm happy we got to be a part of it even though we couldn't be there physically.

We love you!

Aunt Shae, Uncle Larson, Jubal, & Gentry

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Birthday Weekend

My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so I actually "celebrated" all weekend, except for work on Saturday.  By "celebrate", I mean took it as easy as possible.  That was my only wish this year was to enjoy my family & relax a little bit.

So after work Saturday, we went over to Shane & Julie's to enjoy their pool for awhile.  They weren't home, but gave us free range of their backyard & pool.  It was so nice to just be with my people, in the cool water, after a long, very hot day.

Since I'm continuing with Jubal's journey to learning to dive and flip off the diving board, you should have seen his eyes light up when he saw a slide.  This was something different for him.  He was excited to try it out.  We tried to convince Gentry to go down, too, and we would catch him, but that boy wasn't even going to entertain the idea of that. Ha!

Here's what Gentry enjoyed doing instead... ;)

Just chillin'.

My cutie.

Jubal was a little nervous the first time down the slide and wanted me in the water at the bottom, just in case, so I obliged. After that, no more fear.  None.  About anything.  

I only had to show him two times how to dive.  After that my advice to him was to just make sure his head went in the water before his belly.  He is such a quick learner.

While continuing to perfect his dive, he accidentally went too far over and ended up flipping under the water.  That's when he wanted to learn to flip.  We started off the side of the pool first.

Then he made his way to the diving board.

Right after the sun started going down, a rain cloud starting rolling in, and you could hear the thunder in the distance.  As bad as I hated for our relaxing, fun evening to come to an end, I knew it was time to go.  Gentry & Larson were ready, but had it been up to me & Jubal, we would have stayed all night, except, well, you know....lightening.  Haha!

It was just the way I wanted to spend Saturday night before my birthday with my boys. :)

*P.S. Nothing special happened on Sunday for my birthday, either.  We went out together as a family for lunch (Hibachi/sushi), and to get groceries at Walmart.  As long as I'm with my boys, though, there's no place I'd rather be.


Gwen's Back-To-School Pool Party

First of all, I have to say I am so disappointed in myself for not saving a video or even getting a picture of the very first time my big boy jumped off the diving board without any floaties.  I can't believe I only "Snapchatted" the videos and didn't save them to my camera roll.  Hmmph!!!

Jubal's friend, Gwen, had a back-to-school pool party the Saturday after school began.  My friend, Kristen, Gwen's mom, invited us all to come hang out by the pool, and I must say it was as fun for the adults as it was for the kiddos.  Maybe the never ending strawberry margarita's Kristen kept filling my cup with is why I failed at keeping the video of Jubal's first "floatie-free" jump off the diving board.  No one was drunk.  All of us parents made sure our babies were safe.

Anyway, Jubal was around several kids his age, all of which were jumping off the diving board and swimming around the deep end playing Marco Polo...with no floaties.  He kept telling me how much he wanted to, too, but that he was afraid.  I continued to reassure him that I knew he could do it, and I would be there if he needed me, until he finally took the plunge.

I don't have that video, but I do have a short one of him practicing with his floaties before actually doing it without them.

So, after only two trips to our friends' pools, Jubal was officially floatie free, and very proud of himself.  I must say I'm pretty proud of my brave boy, too.

More to come.


Poolside At Mrs. Melanie's

We have spent a lot more time in pools this summer than at the river, thankfully. I prefer a pool over the river, lake, or ocean any day.  I loathe sand, and don't enjoy not being able to see what's lurking beneath the water's surface.  So, any invitation we get to swim in a friend's pool I am on it.  Ha!

Jubal and Gentry both know how to swim.  Jubal better than Gentry, but Gentry is very timid in the water, and prefers to chill on a float or hold on to the side to make his way around the pool.  Jubal is like a little fish.  This summer he has been practicing jumping in & swimming in the deep end.  He started with floaties, but now the boy is doing front flips off the diving board without any assistance at all.

It all began at Mrs. Melanie's.

Larson is usually off on Saturdays and the boys spend the day with him while I work until two.  He had the opportunity to make some overtime, so the boys went and stayed with my friend, Melanie.  They spent the day with her and her daughter, Olivia, playing in the pool.

Gentry stayed near the steps in the shallow end, except for hand-walking the side of the pool.  He did it so much his finger tips were blistered.  Jubal, of course, wanted to jump off the diving board.

He began to get more comfortable, but would not take the floaties off.  Gentry did make his way to the diving board, but only to sit on it. Ha!!

Melanie sent me the pictures throughout the day to let me know that they were having fun.  They only got out of the water long enough to have some lunch, and then they were ready to get right back in.  I know Melanie was glad to see me coming when I got there to pick them up, but she swears they are little darlings and wants them to come back anytime.

Lunch time.

Passing time on the iPad before getting back in the water.

I am so thankful for such wonderful friends.  I'm very peculiar of who I leave my boys with, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would have fun and be well taken care of with Melanie. 

Jubal & Gentry loved being with her & Olivia, and asks to go back all the time.  Let's not wear out our welcome, boys.  I'm sure you will get to go over again. :)


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Off To School They Go

I'm still in a bit of a haze right now.  Both of my boys are in school.  Jubal started his 1st grade year, and Gentry went to his very first day of K-4, which he calls "big school".

I was awake by 5 A.M.  because I was so anxious I couldn't sleep.  The boys got up around 6, and we took the morning slowly, Jubal & Gentry bursting with excitement.

I compromised with Gentry about picking out his own clothes.  I did let him choose which shirt he wanted to wear.  I also gave him the option of flip flops or tennis shoes.  I essentially wanted him to wear flip flops with his outfit, but he chose tennis shoes.  All is well, though.  He felt comfortable & confident, and that's what matters to me.  He was cute, too, ;)

Jubal was handsome, as always, in his back-to-school attire.  He hated the shirt at first because it was new and the collar was still a little stiff, but he wore it anyway, and I never heard any complaints after we arrived at the school and he got to see all of his friends again.

They both said they had wonderful days.  They seem to love their teachers.  It will take some time to get back in a routine. It's all new for Gentry, and even though he still gets a nap at school, he was worn out before we picked him up from GCA.

I expected them to go to bed early, but I was asleep before they were.  Their excitement from the first day of school was still giving them adrenaline to run off of.  I'm glad they both enjoyed their day.

Now, back to getting our routine down.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Gentry Goes To Pre-K

I want to post a little about my feelings on Gentry going to Pre-K before I actually post about his & Jubal's first day. You see, my babies are growing up.  I can't really even call them "babies" anymore.  I now have school-aged children.  What?!

Yesterday evening after work, we took the boys to meet their teachers.  Gentry walked right in like he owned the place.  He is so ready, but I am not.  My mama heart knows that the years will fly by for sure now, just like they feel like they have with Jubal.

My baby boy is already in school, y'all!  How is it even possible?  I don't have anymore babies at home.  The cost of daycare has gone down, which is a good thing, but still.

I just can't.

I took a few pictures last night of them meeting their teachers I'd like to share so I can look back on this one day, maybe without such anxiety.

His teacher, Mrs. Joanna

His parapro, Mrs. Alisa

He walked in & made himself right at home.

I want to always remember who his first little classmates are.

We requested Mrs. Pedrick for Jubal's 1st grade teacher.  I've heard nothing but good things about her, and I know she will be good for him.  His parapro is Mrs. Tina Folsom.  He loves his new classroom, and is excited about the new school year.

Jubal & Mrs. Pedrick

Jubal's classmates


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pics At GCA

Awhile back, before vacation, Jubal & Gentry each had strep throat a week apart.  While Gentry was out of daycare with his case of it, pictures were taken at GCA.  I had been planning on the boys taking theirs together, but we ended up with just our handsome Jubal getting his pictures taken.

They turned out so cute! It was supposed to be the "old timey" pictures, and the photographer dressed the boys in bow ties & messenger caps.  For some reason, some of the boys didn't want to wear the hat.  Jubal was one of those boys.

They're still cute, though.

Phone pic of the original.

Now we're just getting ready for "big school" to start on Friday.  My boys are very excited, and not-so-patiently waiting for the big day.  As ready as they are, I still can't believe both of my babies will be in school.

It has been a blessing watching them grow.

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