Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gentry's Best Buddies

Gentry has gone to daycare at GCA since he was four weeks old.  In his time there, he has made some good friends that I hope he gets to call his friends for years to come.  They all got split up this year since Pre-K started, but still love getting to see each other before & after school at the daycare.

L-R:  Stone, Gentry, Greyson, & Zakari

His very best buddy is Greyson.  Stone & Zakari are his BFFs, too.  They have a tight little circle.  Greyson went to a different school than Gentry this year because of his location in our county, Zackari is at the same school but in a different class, and Stone doesn't get to start Pre-K until next year because his birthday fell too late.

It's funny, but for two days in a row they were all dressed alike.  One day they were all in red, the next day they were all in green.  It was totally coincidental because us moms had no idea what the other mom was going to dress her boy in that day.  I think it's just a bestie thing. ;)

Stone wasn't there this particular day.

I'm thankful my boy has made lasting friendships so far.  I'm excited to see who his friends become now that he's in "big school".  Guess we'll have to wait & see.  I just pray that they're all good kids.


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