Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Poolside At Mrs. Melanie's

We have spent a lot more time in pools this summer than at the river, thankfully. I prefer a pool over the river, lake, or ocean any day.  I loathe sand, and don't enjoy not being able to see what's lurking beneath the water's surface.  So, any invitation we get to swim in a friend's pool I am on it.  Ha!

Jubal and Gentry both know how to swim.  Jubal better than Gentry, but Gentry is very timid in the water, and prefers to chill on a float or hold on to the side to make his way around the pool.  Jubal is like a little fish.  This summer he has been practicing jumping in & swimming in the deep end.  He started with floaties, but now the boy is doing front flips off the diving board without any assistance at all.

It all began at Mrs. Melanie's.

Larson is usually off on Saturdays and the boys spend the day with him while I work until two.  He had the opportunity to make some overtime, so the boys went and stayed with my friend, Melanie.  They spent the day with her and her daughter, Olivia, playing in the pool.

Gentry stayed near the steps in the shallow end, except for hand-walking the side of the pool.  He did it so much his finger tips were blistered.  Jubal, of course, wanted to jump off the diving board.

He began to get more comfortable, but would not take the floaties off.  Gentry did make his way to the diving board, but only to sit on it. Ha!!

Melanie sent me the pictures throughout the day to let me know that they were having fun.  They only got out of the water long enough to have some lunch, and then they were ready to get right back in.  I know Melanie was glad to see me coming when I got there to pick them up, but she swears they are little darlings and wants them to come back anytime.

Lunch time.

Passing time on the iPad before getting back in the water.

I am so thankful for such wonderful friends.  I'm very peculiar of who I leave my boys with, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would have fun and be well taken care of with Melanie. 

Jubal & Gentry loved being with her & Olivia, and asks to go back all the time.  Let's not wear out our welcome, boys.  I'm sure you will get to go over again. :)


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