Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pics At GCA

Awhile back, before vacation, Jubal & Gentry each had strep throat a week apart.  While Gentry was out of daycare with his case of it, pictures were taken at GCA.  I had been planning on the boys taking theirs together, but we ended up with just our handsome Jubal getting his pictures taken.

They turned out so cute! It was supposed to be the "old timey" pictures, and the photographer dressed the boys in bow ties & messenger caps.  For some reason, some of the boys didn't want to wear the hat.  Jubal was one of those boys.

They're still cute, though.

Phone pic of the original.

Now we're just getting ready for "big school" to start on Friday.  My boys are very excited, and not-so-patiently waiting for the big day.  As ready as they are, I still can't believe both of my babies will be in school.

It has been a blessing watching them grow.


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