Friday, August 5, 2016

Gentry Goes To Pre-K

I want to post a little about my feelings on Gentry going to Pre-K before I actually post about his & Jubal's first day. You see, my babies are growing up.  I can't really even call them "babies" anymore.  I now have school-aged children.  What?!

Yesterday evening after work, we took the boys to meet their teachers.  Gentry walked right in like he owned the place.  He is so ready, but I am not.  My mama heart knows that the years will fly by for sure now, just like they feel like they have with Jubal.

My baby boy is already in school, y'all!  How is it even possible?  I don't have anymore babies at home.  The cost of daycare has gone down, which is a good thing, but still.

I just can't.

I took a few pictures last night of them meeting their teachers I'd like to share so I can look back on this one day, maybe without such anxiety.

His teacher, Mrs. Joanna

His parapro, Mrs. Alisa

He walked in & made himself right at home.

I want to always remember who his first little classmates are.

We requested Mrs. Pedrick for Jubal's 1st grade teacher.  I've heard nothing but good things about her, and I know she will be good for him.  His parapro is Mrs. Tina Folsom.  He loves his new classroom, and is excited about the new school year.

Jubal & Mrs. Pedrick

Jubal's classmates


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