Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Christmas~2016

We had another blessed Christmas this year.

We celebrated all weekend, and the boys wore us out. Their excitement could not have been greater.

I love our tree.  
It's decorated with all their  precious handmade ornaments & many more special ornaments.

We let the boys open their gifts from us Christmas Eve day since we were going to my mama's house later in the evening to let them open gifts from her, and spend some time together there.

They get to ask us for three gifts, and they get to ask Santa for three gifts.  

Our list from Gentry:
Gooie Louie game
Ice cream maker
Light up shoes

Our list from Jubal:
Nerf automatic gun
Crayola air brush kit
Light up shoes

Their shoes didn't make it on time even though I placed my order on December 6.  I was upset about it, but the boys seemed to take it well.  I explained the shoes would be here soon, so they were okay with that.

I got some video of them opening their gifts from us.

It's so fun to watch their little expressions & their happiness come to life.  It's amazing what joy a few small gifts can bring a child. :)

Later that evening we went to my mama's.  The boys gave her the presents they had bought for her at the Santa Shop at school a couple of weeks ago.  Jubal got her some lotion and shower gel, and Gentry got her a little Santa whatnot.  They picked the gifts out all by themselves, and Mammaw was tickled about each of them.

They each received an awesome race track with light up cars and glow in the dark tracks.  The tracks can be added to each other to make one huge track.  They love it, and so do I since storing it is easy.  No taking it apart because it is flexible and can be rolled up and placed in the bag it came in.  One for the win, Mammaw!

We came home later that night to get baths, and get ready for bed so Santa could come.  Getting them to bed wasn't too hard since they couldn't wait to see what Santa would bring them.

Their lists to Santa were:

Air Hog Thundertrax
Cyclone (He really wanted a Wild Thing, but we told him he needed to compromise with Santa since those were so expensive.)
YoKai Watch

Big Wheel
Light Show (one of those balls of light)
Drum set
**His list went on & on, and he even asked Santa for a toy house for boys & girls in our local paper.  Don't forget the list he had for Santa when we went to see him, which included a monster truck and scooter.


Christmas Day started around 1:15 A.M. when Jubal woke up and saw that Santa had already been.  I sat in the living room with him, begging him to go back to sleep until morning.  He kept me up until around 4:30, not really messing with anything, just walking over and touching everything without actually moving it, then just sitting on the couch looking at it, taking it all in.

He finally fell back to sleep, until around 6:20 when Gentry woke up, and Christmas Day was fully beginning then.

Let's not forget the stockings stuffed full of underwear, socks, toothbrushes/paste, & lots of candy.

The pace never slowed down throughout the rest of the morning.  They played & played.  We had a low country boil for lunch, and John Outlaw joined us.  Around two we all laid down for a nap.  The boys didn't sleep, which meant neither did we, really, but I did get to rest awhile.

After our little rest, we went to Larson's dad's.  The boys were spoiled there.  Not only did they get gifts from Mema & Papa, Aunt JoNell had made certain they had plenty from her, too.  We had a trunk full to bring home. Oh, and Mema got Gentry a monster truck.  One of the things he asked Santa for, but didn't get.  How cool is that?! ;)

I was so tired when we got home that I literally felt like just crashing, but I knew my sister & niece were coming in around 9.  I fought sleep until I couldn't fight it anymore, and finally gave in and texted her to let her know we would already be in bed, and would have to see her the next day.


The day after Christmas didn't slow down much, either.  We went back to my mama's house to have Christmas with my sister & niece.  They spoiled the boys & us, too.  I was most proud of the bracelet Laney got me.  The boys were most excited about the scooters they got.  How about that?  Another gift Gentry asked Santa for, but didn't get.  He lucked out in the gift department.  What more could he have wanted? Ha!!

I was so thankful when my sister said she would keep the boys the rest of the afternoon so I could straighten my house up a little, and Larson & I could go to dinner alone.  So peaceful!!  I needed that more than anything.

We ended up getting back, picking the boys up, and getting home around 9:30.  The boys were exhausted so we bathed them quickly, put them down for the night, and just enjoyed lying in bed watching a little TV before falling into a more than welcomed peaceful slumber.

I woke up this morning back in our routine, and if you know me well, you know I was happy to do so.  Even though it meant back to work for mom & dad, and daycare for the boys, they were excited to show their presents to their friends, and I was happy to be back to normal.  

Now we're ready to celebrate the new year that's coming quickly.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gabriel's Birthday Party

The boys' cousin, Gabriel, celebrated his birthday with us this past Sunday afternoon. He's never had a big party, just always celebrated with the family. Jubal & Gentry love him so much, and they're happy to be with him anytime.

This year, he got a Paw Patrol cake, and it was so good.  He kept smiling, telling us all about his "party stuff".  He was a very excited little boy.

I did manage to get a short video of us singing "Happy Birthday" to him.  When we first started singing, he sang with us.  

He's so sweet!

We love you!


Company Christmas Party

Once again, we had our Christmas party at Mr. Roger & Mrs. Colette's house. The only party we've ever missed, they took everyone out to a restaurant for dinner.  Jubal & I had a stomach bug that year so we didn't get to attend.  I like having it at their home better anyway.  That way, we get our picture in front of one of Mrs. Colette's many Christmas trees she puts up. :)

Short sleeves, capris, & flip flops again this year.  It's southeast GA, what do you expect?  Ha!  Gentry wore shoes, but decided to put his feet in the pool...with his shoes on.  Thus, no shoes for him, but he couldn't care less.

I'm proud to say I have worked for this business for almost 13 years now.  I've worked for these particular employers since they bought the business in 2010.  I hope to work for them & Planet Cycle for many more years to come.

2010 // 2011 // 2012 // 2013 // 2015
(We missed 2014)


Friday, December 16, 2016

Gentry's PreK Christmas Program

We had the pleasure of getting to take a little of our morning off to go see Gentry in his PreK Christmas program. We wouldn't have missed it for the world.  I know one day I will miss going to these little things, so I made sure to take lots of pictures while Larson got a few videos.

He was so happy when he saw us there. :)

They were all giggling because they saw "Mommy kissing Santa Claus".

He knows when you are sleeping...

He knows when you're awake.

His classmates & teachers, Mrs. Joanna & Ms. Alisa

After the program, we were allowed to go back to their classroom for a little while.  When we started to leave, Gentry asked me to stay and love on him just a little more.  Larson picked him up in his arms and Gentry instructed me to come closer to him and Larson.

We all stood there for a good five minutes just holding each other.  It was the best feeling in the world.  Gentry loves to be loved, and he was proud to show his friends how much his mama & daddy do, indeed, love him.

Daddy & Gentry

Gentry & Cami

Today was one of the best days ever.  We really enjoyed getting to watch our baby boy up on that stage.

Christmas break also begins today, so they don't have to return to school until January 3.  They are very excited about that, and the fact that Christmas is approaching very quickly.  They're already begging to open their presents.  Ha!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Our Trip To See Santa~2016

We made our annual trip to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop again this year. This is something the boys look forward to every year, and we try to make it very exciting for them.  They love going into the city.  I could do without the traffic, but I kinda like it, too.

The day seemed to last forever because we fit a lot of different things into it.  We saw Santa, rode the carousel, the train, shopped until we dropped, had a nice lunch, went to the flea market, and still came home to play outside.

I was one tired mama at the end of the day.

This is their official picture with Santa.
Click to enlarge.

Both boys had written down what they wanted to tell Santa they wanted.
Neither wanted to actually talk to him.
Gentry gave Santa his letter, Jubal had misplaced his.
You can hear Santa telling Gentry he's going to take his letter back to the North Pole with him.

Even though Gentry said he wasn't going to talk, he never hushed.  Haha!!

Still talking... ;)

Jubal finally got to get a few words in and Santa got to speak to him, too. :)

After seeing Santa, we walked around looking for gifts.  The boys' favorite thing to do was ride the escalators.  I bet we went up & down 25 times.  It made them giddy, though, so it was worth it.

We finally made it to the carousel.  Jubal said he was going to ride the dragon, Gentry was on the elephant beside him.  At the last minute before the ride started, they decided to run up to the second floor.

We walked around the mall a little more, and rode the escalators again while we waited for the train to begin taking passengers.

While waiting, I found us the cutest new ornament for this year.

The boys also got to see Frosty the Snowman while we waited.

After the boys got to ride the train, we decided to go get lunch because by this time, it was already after 1:00.  Time flies when you're having fun. ;)

Grabbing a bite to eat at Longhorns.
Gentry is counting & stacking the coasters.

I didn't get any pictures after lunch while we were at the flea market, or back at home.  I didn't even pick my phone back up.

We completed our Christmas list, and finally made it home around 5:30.  This day is something that has become so special to our family.  On the way home I was thinking that maybe when my boys are teenagers they'll (maybe?) entertain me by still going to have their picture taken with Santa at BPS. 

We will see one day. :)

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

2010 // 2011 // 2012 // 2013 // 2014 // 2015


The Polar Express

A friend of mine, and Larson's cousin's wife, Chrisie, is the Outreach Director at Compass Worship Center. She has been planning this Polar Express Day for a few months now, and I'm so glad we went to it.

The kids (and adults, really) got to dress in their pajamas, eat popcorn & snacks, see Santa, do arts & crafts, and play with many of their friends.

It was a fun time with my boys, and Larson even went with us. :)

Jubal was not happy about the camera flash being on. Ha!


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Our New Canvas

I received our new family picture canvas yesterday & I love it!  The one we've had hanging in our living room is from 2014, so I figured it was time to update.

I took a picture last night of our wall before we swapped out canvases, and after.  It was hard taking our older one down because I absolutely love it, too, but my boys are growing and I knew I had to do it.

We did hang the older canvas over our headboard in our bedroom, though, so it didn't get put away. :)

Left: November 2014, Right: November 2016

I also went a little bigger with this canvas.  The older one is a 24x36, and our new one is a 30x40.

After we got it hung, I just sat there staring at it for the longest time.  I'm in love with my little family, and these precious pictures mean the world to me.  I'm so proud to put us on display. 


New Kid On The Block

Shawnya's son, Sean, and his girlfriend, Lexi, welcomed their baby boy into the world on November 29. He is precious, and my boys absolutely adore him.

We went for a visit and my boys couldn't get enough of him.

His name is Cooper Lewis Swope.  He weighed 7 lbs. 15 ozs. and was 22 inches long.  He has a head full of thick blond hair like none other I've ever seen.  I've seen dark-haired babies with a lot of hair, but his is such a pretty blond.

We a re all smitten.  I can't wait to take some pictures with my good camera. :)

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