Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Camera Roll Drop

I have so many pictures on my phone. Sometimes I find selfies my boys have taken, sometimes I find little gems I forgot I took. I wanted to post some of them here just because they're more candid, and portray our every day life so much better.

Gentry & his very best friend, Zakari.
They have been in daycare together since 
they were in the nursery.
Now, they're big boys, but still close as ever.

These two will fight tooth & nail, but defend each other with their life.

Jubal's picture of Gentry.

And...a selfie.

Gentry's shirt got hung up over his head after his bath,
He told me to take this pic and send it to his teacher at GCA, Ms. Hannah.
She loved it, and called him a little monkey.

A lazy Sunday afternoon, lying in the bed watching football with Larson.
These boys love me fiercely, and I'm so happy they do.

Larson will die if he finds out I posted this anywhere.
He absolutely thought he was looking at the camera.
He has known his entire life that he has a lazy eye, but I caught it on camera.

I guess that's enough embarrassing pictures for one day.  These make me smile, though.  I'm so thankful to get to live life with these three fellas. :)


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