Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Christmas~2016

We had another blessed Christmas this year.

We celebrated all weekend, and the boys wore us out. Their excitement could not have been greater.

I love our tree.  
It's decorated with all their  precious handmade ornaments & many more special ornaments.

We let the boys open their gifts from us Christmas Eve day since we were going to my mama's house later in the evening to let them open gifts from her, and spend some time together there.

They get to ask us for three gifts, and they get to ask Santa for three gifts.  

Our list from Gentry:
Gooie Louie game
Ice cream maker
Light up shoes

Our list from Jubal:
Nerf automatic gun
Crayola air brush kit
Light up shoes

Their shoes didn't make it on time even though I placed my order on December 6.  I was upset about it, but the boys seemed to take it well.  I explained the shoes would be here soon, so they were okay with that.

I got some video of them opening their gifts from us.

It's so fun to watch their little expressions & their happiness come to life.  It's amazing what joy a few small gifts can bring a child. :)

Later that evening we went to my mama's.  The boys gave her the presents they had bought for her at the Santa Shop at school a couple of weeks ago.  Jubal got her some lotion and shower gel, and Gentry got her a little Santa whatnot.  They picked the gifts out all by themselves, and Mammaw was tickled about each of them.

They each received an awesome race track with light up cars and glow in the dark tracks.  The tracks can be added to each other to make one huge track.  They love it, and so do I since storing it is easy.  No taking it apart because it is flexible and can be rolled up and placed in the bag it came in.  One for the win, Mammaw!

We came home later that night to get baths, and get ready for bed so Santa could come.  Getting them to bed wasn't too hard since they couldn't wait to see what Santa would bring them.

Their lists to Santa were:

Air Hog Thundertrax
Cyclone (He really wanted a Wild Thing, but we told him he needed to compromise with Santa since those were so expensive.)
YoKai Watch

Big Wheel
Light Show (one of those balls of light)
Drum set
**His list went on & on, and he even asked Santa for a toy house for boys & girls in our local paper.  Don't forget the list he had for Santa when we went to see him, which included a monster truck and scooter.


Christmas Day started around 1:15 A.M. when Jubal woke up and saw that Santa had already been.  I sat in the living room with him, begging him to go back to sleep until morning.  He kept me up until around 4:30, not really messing with anything, just walking over and touching everything without actually moving it, then just sitting on the couch looking at it, taking it all in.

He finally fell back to sleep, until around 6:20 when Gentry woke up, and Christmas Day was fully beginning then.

Let's not forget the stockings stuffed full of underwear, socks, toothbrushes/paste, & lots of candy.

The pace never slowed down throughout the rest of the morning.  They played & played.  We had a low country boil for lunch, and John Outlaw joined us.  Around two we all laid down for a nap.  The boys didn't sleep, which meant neither did we, really, but I did get to rest awhile.

After our little rest, we went to Larson's dad's.  The boys were spoiled there.  Not only did they get gifts from Mema & Papa, Aunt JoNell had made certain they had plenty from her, too.  We had a trunk full to bring home. Oh, and Mema got Gentry a monster truck.  One of the things he asked Santa for, but didn't get.  How cool is that?! ;)

I was so tired when we got home that I literally felt like just crashing, but I knew my sister & niece were coming in around 9.  I fought sleep until I couldn't fight it anymore, and finally gave in and texted her to let her know we would already be in bed, and would have to see her the next day.


The day after Christmas didn't slow down much, either.  We went back to my mama's house to have Christmas with my sister & niece.  They spoiled the boys & us, too.  I was most proud of the bracelet Laney got me.  The boys were most excited about the scooters they got.  How about that?  Another gift Gentry asked Santa for, but didn't get.  He lucked out in the gift department.  What more could he have wanted? Ha!!

I was so thankful when my sister said she would keep the boys the rest of the afternoon so I could straighten my house up a little, and Larson & I could go to dinner alone.  So peaceful!!  I needed that more than anything.

We ended up getting back, picking the boys up, and getting home around 9:30.  The boys were exhausted so we bathed them quickly, put them down for the night, and just enjoyed lying in bed watching a little TV before falling into a more than welcomed peaceful slumber.

I woke up this morning back in our routine, and if you know me well, you know I was happy to do so.  Even though it meant back to work for mom & dad, and daycare for the boys, they were excited to show their presents to their friends, and I was happy to be back to normal.  

Now we're ready to celebrate the new year that's coming quickly.


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