Thursday, December 22, 2016

Company Christmas Party

Once again, we had our Christmas party at Mr. Roger & Mrs. Colette's house. The only party we've ever missed, they took everyone out to a restaurant for dinner.  Jubal & I had a stomach bug that year so we didn't get to attend.  I like having it at their home better anyway.  That way, we get our picture in front of one of Mrs. Colette's many Christmas trees she puts up. :)

Short sleeves, capris, & flip flops again this year.  It's southeast GA, what do you expect?  Ha!  Gentry wore shoes, but decided to put his feet in the pool...with his shoes on.  Thus, no shoes for him, but he couldn't care less.

I'm proud to say I have worked for this business for almost 13 years now.  I've worked for these particular employers since they bought the business in 2010.  I hope to work for them & Planet Cycle for many more years to come.

2010 // 2011 // 2012 // 2013 // 2015
(We missed 2014)


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