Thursday, December 13, 2012

Company Christmas III

We had our annual company Christmas dinner party this past Saturday. As usual, it was fun. Spending time away from Planet Cycle with my co-workers is always a treat. Luckily, I get along with them very well and I really enjoy my job.

My employers, Roger & Colette Moore, and Scott Moore are wonderful people. They have been extremely good to me in the time I have worked for them. Their home is lovely and Mrs. Colette always outdoes herself decorating all of the many trees she puts up each year.

Our annual family Christmas picture in front of the tree at the party.

I thought it would be nice to reflect back on the past couple of years at our growing little family. :)

You can also read my previous posts about our Christmas parties here and here.

I am very thankful for my job.  Being in a family-oriented business environment is an added bonus.  I feel like my employers & co-workers are as close as family since I've been with them so long.  I hope to always be a part of the Planet Cycle family.


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