Friday, December 21, 2012

All About Jubal

Since I don't do monthly posts on Jubal anymore, I wanted to write down some of his little sayings and doings here lately. He is just too cute sometimes!

His teacher, Ms. Jordie, sent this to me right after nap time. She said he was the only one that said, "Cheese!"

One night we were watching TV and I was flipping through channels when I saw that 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' was on.  I can't believe how much Jubal loved it.  We had to actually buy the movie for him.  He can almost tell you every word of the movie now since we've watched it so many times in the past two weeks.

Jubal still likes for me to rock him to sleep at night.  I will continue to do it, too, as long as he will let me.  It's my favorite thing to do in the evening.  I could rock him forever and when he falls asleep, I could just sit there and listen to him breathe and look into his beautiful face forever, too.

This is a picture that Larson sent me one Saturday while I was at work. It's Jubal pretending to be asleep. He can't hide that grin, though. ;) 

The other night while I was finishing washing Gentry's bottles before bedtime, Larson sat down with Jubal and started rocking him.  After I finished and walked into the living room, Jubal hopped up out of his daddy's lap and told him, "Up, Daddy!  Get up now, Daddy!  Mama rock me."  He was telling his daddy to get up out of the rocker/recliner so I could rock him to sleep.  That's my boy. :)

For some reason, just out of the blue, Jubal has started calling his daddy by his first name.  It's so funny to hear him call, "Larson!  Come here, Larson!"  I have to remind him, though, you call him Daddy, not Larson.  It's so cute, though.

I walked into our bedroom last Sunday morning to find my two big boys all snuggled up like this. Aww!

One more funny thing that happened the other day.  He sneezed and (TMI!) snot came out of his nose.  He walked up to me so I could wipe it and said, "My nose pooted."  I thought I was going to fall out laughing.  He comes up with something new and funny every day.

I'm amazed by everything he does.  He's my fabulous first-born and I love him in such a way that is indescribable.  I just had to document some of his sayings and doings so I could always remember the sweet little things he's doing right now.

Jubal is definitely a snuggle buddy.  The closer, the better. :)

He makes my heart smile.


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