Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gentry meets Santa

Since Jubal's first Christmas, we have gone to Savannah to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa.  This year, we got to introduce Gentry to jolly old St. Nick. :)

Here's the picture that was taken by Bass Pro Shop.

Click picture to enlarge.

Ha! Gentry was not amused with all the picture taking.  He did look at Santa in wonder when we first sat him in his lap.  Other than that, he was just kind of hanging out. 

Here's some of my iPhone pics.

Jubal was telling Santa he wanted a truck for Christmas. His finger is in his mouth, not his nose. HA!

Jubal's still checking Santa out.

Here's one of all three. Gentry is staring at Santa in this one. :)

Jubal, Gentry, & cousin Alannah. She's been with us every year. :)

I hope to continue this every year.  I was so excited to take Gentry for his first time.  These are times I cherish.

Last year, Jubal was not having anything to do with Santa.  He hated every minute of sitting in Santa's lap.  Hilarious!  I was hoping this year he would like seeing Santa and, thankfully, he did.  I feet like since Gentry was in his lap, too, that he felt better about it.  I'm happy with this year's picture.

I took several other pictures to commemorate the day.  My sister had Gentry most of the time because he was hungry and wanted his bottle, but we walked around the "Wonderland" with Jubal.

This was so funny.  Jubal actually thought there was a real elf stuck in the snow and he was trying to help him out.

And finally, a family pic.  Blurry, but still one with all of us in it. :)

We usually do the whole train ride and merry-go-round ride, but while waiting for the train ride to open up at noon, Jubal went into full "hungry-no nap meltdown" mode.  He was trying to tear the gates down around the train so he could get on it.  He threw himself on the floor and kicked his feet & cried when we stopped him.

Yeah, we just left.  No train or carousel ride this year.  Poor Gentry.  He's still little enough he didn't realize he was missing out on it anyway. ;)

We went to get some lunch, then took the boys to my sister so we could get our Christmas shopping done.  Surprisingly, it only took us about 4 hours this year.  We always designate our Santa day to be our shopping day as well.  Works for us.

I'm just glad Gentry got to meet Santa.  That was THE best part of the day.  I sure do love my boys.  It's important to me to document things like this, especially the "firsts".  I'll never get to relive these special moments again.

At least I can come back here to read about them and see pictures that capture these times of our lives.  That's why I blog. :)


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