Thursday, December 23, 2010

The day Jubal met Santa

**Note: This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures! :)

On Sunday, December 19, we got up early & headed to Savannah so Mr. Jubal could meet Santa for his very first time. We got to the Savannah Mall around 11:15 & went to Bass Pro Shop to wait for Santa. He wasn't due until noon, so we walked around and let Jubal & his cousin Alannah look at everything in Santa's Wonderland. They had a table set up where Alannah could color or make an ornament, but she didn't want to sit still long enough to do that. She was too excited about going to the lower level to see all the big fish. Ha! While we waited in line, Mrs. Claus came out and greeted all the little ones and Santa even came out to say hello. Jubal just took everything in. He loved all the colors and lights and hustle & bustle going on around him.

And then came Mrs. Claus...

And Santa even made an appearance before getting cozy in his big ol' chair...

Finally, it was our turn to enter...

And Jubal got to meet Santa!

Jubal's very first picture with Santa

After we let Jubal & Alannah tell Santa all about everything they wanted, we went downstairs so Alannah could see the fish. She loved all the fish, especially the "Big Fish". Jubal didn't quite understand what all the excitement was about. Ha!

Alannah & the "Big Fish"

I just love walking around the mall at Christmas time. I love the sights, sounds, and smells. They always have it decorated so pretty and Jubal, of course, LOVED all the people scurrying about. We did a little shopping (I got my new tennis shoes!), and went into The Savannah Candy Store. We probably shouldn't have done that. Ha! We ended up getting one white chocolate-caramel-pecan cluster (for me) and one milk chocolate-caramel-pecan cluster (for Larson). Mmmmmmm!!!! So good! Of all the candy Alannah had her choice of, she picked a SpongeBob Crabby Patty! I told her she should get something that couldn't be bought at just any convenience store, but she got what she wanted, bless her. :)
We went into Spencers and played around for a few minutes. I took some cute pics of Jubal with my phone & got a really funny pic of my hubby.

His hands are never idle & my phone doesn't take good motion pics, but...
Isn't he soooo cute?!?

My little reindeer

Haha!!! My FABULOUS husband! Oh, how I love him so! We have so much fun together.

Of course, we can't forget about the train ride. We just had to go on the train ride. Larson gets to do all the fun stuff while I take pictures. Ha! No really, I don't mind because I want to capture it all & if he didn't take the pictures I wanted, well then...I would just be devastated!! Just kidding, but you know... I made sure to take some pics of Jubal's first train ride. I even got a little video, too. :)



Goodness! We still have to go on the merry-go-round, too. It really didn't seem like we spent that much time at the mall, but as you can see from the pictures, we had lots of fun. I love a carousel! I have several small ones that I've collected over the years. If Jubal had been a girl, I would have probably decorated his room in carousels and passed all my collectibles on to her (had he been a she). Guess I'll be keeping those, unless Jubal has a daughter, and then they will be hers.
I love the pictures I've gotten of Larson & Jubal on the merry-go-round. I was looking at the difference between these pics and the ones I took of them at the fair back in October. It brings tears to my eyes just how quickly my little baby boy is growing.


We didn't stop there, either. After we finished having fun at the mall, we went to Olive Garden to have a late lunch. It was Larson's first time eating there. He has decided the next time we go he's just going to get spaghetti. He's not a big pasta (or Italian food period) eater. He prefers steak & potatoes. Italian is my fav! I wanted him to try some Calamari but he wasn't going for that, even before I told him what it was. I did get him to try the Bruschetta. He didn't like that, either. Alannah had her trusty chicken fingers & fries. Ha! These folks just don't know good flavor! I hope Jubal likes different foods when he gets older. 
When we left the restaurant, we went to Keller's Flea Market and looked around for a bit. Larson got two of his Christmas gifts from there, and Alannah found her a cute little ring that we got her. Jubal & I just enjoyed walking around looking at everything. They started shutting everything down about sunset, so we went on to Walmart. I love Walmart!!! We got all of our Christmas shopping finished up there. You can always find something for everyone at Walmart.
We ended up leaving Savannah around 7:30 & getting home about 9:00. After the long ride home, we managed to muster up the energy to get all the presents inside, but I was too tired to even attempt to wrap any. All I wanted to do was snuggle with & rock Jubal in the recliner. He must have been worn completely out, too, because even though he slept all the way home, he went right on back to sleep in my arms. My precious boy...thank you, God, for my precious boy.
I'm so happy our day went so well. It was definetly a great day. Jubal is such a wonderful baby! Everyone continued to compliment us on how content he is. He justs smiles & giggles all the time. I know he probably won't remember this trip to the mall  to see Santa, but we hope to make it a tradition & go back each year. It was a day very well spent. I'm already looking forward to doing it again next year!!! 

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