Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day~2017

We spent the entire weekend somewhere around water. 
Whether it was at Darla's or the river, there was water. 
Thankfully, because it was HOT.

I didn't get a 3 day weekend, but when I did get off
Saturday afternoon we went directly over to Darla's to get in her pool. 
Jubal had Skyler over to spend the night Friday night. 
We took him with us for the day. 

Sunday was spent at the river.
It was packed with a lot of kids, so Jubal & Gentry had a great time.
Felicia, Donny, Heather, & Gabriel were there, and we
grilled ribs, chicken, and pork chops.

We ended up staying until almost 6pm.
This mama was good and tired by then.
Sun & water wear me out.

Monday, Larson had to work half a day then we went back over to Darla's to swim.
She & I stayed in the house with the AC while the guys stayed outside with the kiddos.
It was heavenly.
We ate pizza and watched First Dates episodes she had recorded.
Best lazy day I've had in awhile.

We had a great holiday weekend thanks to all of our fallen soldiers.
I am thankful for their ultimate sacrifice.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gentry's PreK Graduation

Gentry Slade graduated from PreK this morning.
Watch out, Kindergarten, he'll see you next school year!

They had a graduation program and sang lots of cute songs.
The big scratch on his cheek is compliments of his big brother.
Thanks, Jubal.

He was proud to see me. :)

He loves ClaraJane, the girl on his right.

The best PreK teachers ever, Mrs. Joanna & Ms. Alisa.

His teachers made us a CD of so many of their memories from this year.
It is the sweetest little thing.

I can't wait to see how much Gentry grows next year.

Also, just because I like a good comparison:


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day~2017

I actually got to sleep until almost 10am on Mother's Day!!!
That was the best thing ever! Haha! 
I also got to wake up to Gentry whispering "Happy Mother's Day" in my ear. :)

It was an awesome day! 
My boys made all kinds of sweet things for me at school,
they picked me out a cute kitten purse when they were at the festival Saturday with their daddy,
and Larson got me the sweetest mother's ring with their birthstones and their names engraved. 
I'm a blessed mama for sure.

My sweet card from Jubal.

A card from Gentry.

The envelope Gentry presented all my goodies in.
He decorated it with his own writing & artwork. :)

Gentry knows his mama well.

How sweet is this?!
He said he's blowing me kisses.

This was such a sweet surprise!

A treasure to wear close to my heart.

Larson made it okay with the sellers at the festival
for me to be able to exchange this for something else that I may like more.
My boys picked this for me, so why would I want anything else?

My sweet, simple mother's ring.
Super proud of this, too.

I especially love that it has their names engraved.

Later, around lunch, we left to spend the day at the river. 
I had such a fun time with my family and some of my
old friends that are mothers now as well. 
While the boys played with all of the kids in the water,
I was able to sit & talk with other grownups, which is not
something I get to do uninterrupted very often. 
It was nice.

Gentry looking for shells,

Jubal jumping off the log with his friend, Little Pat.

It was such a great day for me.
I am so thankful to get to be their mama!!


First Grade Awards Day

Yesterday was Awards Day for the first grade.  We received an invitation last week informing us that Jubal would be receiving an award.  He won a one day admission to Six Flags for participating in the "Read To Succeed" program.  We are super proud of him!

Now, we're all just praying that the last day of school will get here quickly because my boys are ready to be out for the summer.

He searched for me when entering the gym.

Can you tell he was happy to see his mama? ;)

Receiving his award from the VP, Mr. Eubank, & Principal, Dr. Kaiser.

That's my boy!

So proud of his accomplishments, big & small.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Last Game Of The Season

Jubal had his last game of the season Thursday evening. Even though we love being at the park, him playing the game, us getting to watch, we were thankful the season was coming to an end.

Being involved in sports is definitely a commitment.  We all know, though, winners never quit, and quitters never win.

It was a great game to end the season.  I'm very proud of all Jubal learned this year.  The other coaches wanted him on their All Star team, but he isn't old enough yet.  That's too bad, but I'm happy he's playing for the fun of it right now anyway.


Walking Field Trip

Gentry went on a walking field trip after our breakfast date Thursday morning.

I didn't get to stay for that, but my friend, Erin, took pictures for me.  I'm thankful for good friends that help me look out for my boys, and keep me in the loop when I can't attend a fun event.

Line Leader

Gentry is all the way in the front with Ms. Alisa.

After lunch at Dairy Queen, they played in the park behind it while having ice cream.
It was a treat on this hot day.

This boy worked up a sweat.

That cold drink was just what he needed. :)

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