Thursday, May 11, 2017

Muffins With Mom

Since it is getting closer to the last day of school, both boys are enjoying having many fun end-of-the-year activities.

Today was "Muffins with Mom".  I got to go enjoy a breakfast of muffins with my baby boy, Gentry.  It was a sweet gesture since Mother's Day is Sunday.

He was happy to see me. :)
He also gets to take a walking field trip to Dairy Queen this afternoon for lunch & ice cream.  I won't get to make it to that, but I wasn't going to miss having muffins with him for any reason.

My friend, Erin, photobombing. 

That's our good friends, Erin & Remy behind us. :)

Yesterday was his field day, and today is Jubal's.  They have a water day coming up, and their "graduation" programs coming up, too.  It's a busy time, but we are ready for a fun summer.

The first thing Gentry said to me this morning was how excited he was to have muffins with me.  While I was there, he held me and gave me Eskimo kisses, followed by big smooches.  He's my little kind-hearted, empathetic, tender, loving baby boy.

I'm so happy I got to share this morning with him. :)


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