Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day~2017

We spent the entire weekend somewhere around water. 
Whether it was at Darla's or the river, there was water. 
Thankfully, because it was HOT.

I didn't get a 3 day weekend, but when I did get off
Saturday afternoon we went directly over to Darla's to get in her pool. 
Jubal had Skyler over to spend the night Friday night. 
We took him with us for the day. 

Sunday was spent at the river.
It was packed with a lot of kids, so Jubal & Gentry had a great time.
Felicia, Donny, Heather, & Gabriel were there, and we
grilled ribs, chicken, and pork chops.

We ended up staying until almost 6pm.
This mama was good and tired by then.
Sun & water wear me out.

Monday, Larson had to work half a day then we went back over to Darla's to swim.
She & I stayed in the house with the AC while the guys stayed outside with the kiddos.
It was heavenly.
We ate pizza and watched First Dates episodes she had recorded.
Best lazy day I've had in awhile.

We had a great holiday weekend thanks to all of our fallen soldiers.
I am thankful for their ultimate sacrifice.


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