Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tooth Fairy

My firstborn lost his first tooth yesterday. He nor I could have been any more excited. He's been waiting to lose a tooth for awhile now since all of his friends have already lost teeth, and I have been waiting since his very first tooth came in to see this day come. :)

His tooth has been loose for about two weeks, but just not ready to be pulled.  While he was on the playground at day care yesterday, he finally pulled it out all by himself.  He was one proud boy!

He couldn't wait to show me when we picked him up.

He hopped in the car with this huge smile & an envelope with his tooth inside.

All I could do was squeal.  I was so happy to be experiencing this milestone in his life with him.  Losing your first tooth is a big deal.  He kept telling us he was a big boy now.  He is, but he's always going to be my baby, too.

The tooth fairy came and brought him a whopping FIVE dollars!  I remember only getting a quarter, or maybe four quarters on a really good night.  Haha!  We explained that he might not get that every time, but that his first tooth was special.  

He was happy with that. ;)

Look at that itty bitty tooth in my boy's itty bitty hands.

One day those little teeth will all be replaced with his permanent teeth and those little hands will hopefully hold his own child's hand.  I'm a sentimental mess right now.  My baby is growing up on me, y'all.


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