Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My Boys

Sunday afternoon I had to take some pictures of my friend's daughter, Gwen. The boys are friends with her so they asked if they could tag along with us. I, of course, said yes. About half way through the little photo shoot, I was taking them back home to hang out with their daddy. Ha!!

I enjoy taking pictures as a hobby.  It relaxes me.  My boys made sure I didn't get to relax.  I did, however, get some cute little random shots of them.  They were dressed in their finest I tell ya.  It just wasn't fair to them that I was taking pics of Gwen and not of them, so I was kind of aggravated into taking these.

I'm glad they talked me into it, though.

Just raw, unedited pictures of my sweet boys.  They may drive me a little crazier every day, but they are their mama's heart & soul. <3


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