Thursday, June 22, 2017

Big Boy Room

Well, we know longer have a "baby" room. The room that served as a nursery, then a playroom, is now a "big boy" room. The boys now have themselves a gaming room so that they can play their video games & have friends over without taking over our living room.

I spent all day Monday purging.  It was so hard to get rid of most of their baby toys.  I did hang onto the Legos, race tracks, and a few of their stuffed animals, but everything else is gone now.  They have have their own TV, and each have a big bean bag that they can use as a gaming chair or possibly even sleep in when/if they want to.

Here's to new beginnings.  I'm hopeful this age will be just as fun as their baby/infant/toddler/preschool years.

Still need to find some new things to hang on the walls, but mostly finished.



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