Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day

I hope you all have a safe & happy Memorial Day weekend.

We have a wedding tomorrow and then
we're supposed to be going to St. Simons Sunday.
I'm not sure if we'll make it to St. Simons now or not.
 We may end up just staying closer to home & going
to the good ol' river.
We'll see.

Nevertheless, it is going to be a great weekend.
I can't wait to spend some time by any body of water right now.

Y'all be safe & have fun.
Happy Memorial Day!!!
Don't forget those who fought for us & still do!
God Bless the USA!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Lovin'

Hey Y'all!

I hope everyone is happy to be one day closer to the weekend.
I know I am.
We have another busy, but exciting, one coming
up & then hopefully
we can slow down for a few.

But for now, though, it's Wednesday and time to hook
up with Jamie again for
"What I'm Lovin' Wednesday".


My new tattoo.
This picture was taken immediately after I got it, so it's a little red.
I just got it Friday. It's on my right wrist. 
I'll post better pics when it heals all the way.
I love it, though!!!


My Mother's Day gift.
It finally came Monday.
It is handmade by juliethefish.
I'm so happy about it! I love it!!!


My niece, Lyndsay, graduated this past Sunday evening.
I know she's excited & anxious about beginning
a new chapter in her life.
I just hope she remembers all the chapters that have been 
her life 'til now, that made her
who she is today.
Gosh, I love her!!!


My friend, Melissa, is getting married Saturday.
I'm so excited about attending her wedding & reception.
I'm so happy she finally found her prince.
The after-party is going to be the best part, though.
We're going to have so much fun!!!


We'll be enjoying St. Simon's Island Sunday.
This will be Jubal's first trip to the beach where he actually
gets to play in the sand & get in the water.
I really think he's going to love it!!!

And, as always, every single day of my life...

My favorite fellas, Larson & Jubal.
I love them so much!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!
Go let everyone know what you're loving today!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation, my Mother's Day gift, & other ramblings...

It was a long, busy weekend.

There were so many invitations & occasions I wanted to attend,
but there just wasn't enough of me to go around. ;)

I did manage to make it to my friend, Megan's baby shower Saturday.
She's expecting a little girl she & her husband
 have named Zoey Lynn in July.
Maybe she'll be born on or close to Jubal's birthday, July 12th.

After the shower, Larson & I took my mama shopping for a new
outfit to wear to my niece, Lyndsay's graduation Sunday evening.
I ended up picking out two blouses she liked, so she left
the store with two outfits, a new pair of shoes, and
accessories to go with both outfits.

We decided to try a new restaurant
that they've been advertising for months,
It was supposed to be all this & all that...
Let me vent.
They DO NOT accommodate handicapped individuals,
nor do they accommodate babies/toddlers.
I didn't want to stay, but my mama was so tired from the walk
(she walks with a walker) into the restaurant,
that she didn't feel like walking all the way back out again
 when we found out they didn't have a highchair for Jubal.
I ended up just munching on Larson's salad that came
with his meal, because I wasn't spending any
more money in a restaurant that didn't seem to
 care about my mother or my child.
Just for Larson & Mama to eat ended up costing almost $50.
It was awful!!! 

On to other, happier things.

Sunday, Larson & I busted our butts trying to get a month's
worth of yardwork done before Lyndsay's graduation.
We have been so busy every weekend the entire month of May
with weddings, birthday parties, & baby showers, etc.
Larson trimmed all the hedges, I mowed the grass at our house
and at my mama's, Larson did the weed-eating at both houses,
and we pressure-washed our house.
We started at 9am and didn't finish until around 3pm.

I was supposed to be a birthday party for
a friend's little boy, Jaden, at 3pm.
Needless to say, I didn't make it. :( 
We did let Jubal get in his pool for a little while,
which he loved, of course.

Lyndsay's graduation was Sunday evening.
We are so proud of her!
She has become a beautiful, smart, determined young woman.

Lyndsay & Mammaw Brackin (my mama).

She will now go on to college at Georgia Southern University,
where she wants to go into Restaurant & Hotel Management.

I wish her much luck & hope she does well.
I know her daddy would have been so
proud of her, if he were alive.

Lyndsay with both of her grandmothers, Mammaw Brackin & Mammaw Street.

Lyndsay with her Mammaw Street; her mother, Marianne;
her two sisters, Lynda & Lacy; and her two nieces, Ashton & Lily.
She also has a brother that was unable to attend, and several more nieces & nephews.

Also, last, but not least...
I'm so excited that my Mother's Day gift finally arrived on Monday!
It was handmade just for me by juliethefish, and I love it!!!

It came in this cute little box.

I am so happy about it!
I also ordered a 24" chain so I can dress it
up a little more when I need to.

Well, that's about all of my ramblings, for now.
It was a busy, but great weekend.

We have another busy weekend coming
up & then maybe we can rest.

Or...maybe not! ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweet onions & a wedding...

Well, we had an awesome time this past weekend! Larson & I have lived in our small town for the majority of our lives and attending the Sweet Onion Festival is, I guess, a tradition. I was so excited that Jubal was going to get to ride in the parade for his first time outside of my womb. :)

It didn't work out that way, though. In all the years of the festival, it's never rained. Yeah, did this year. Boo!

We did get to enjoy the festival, though. The rain didn't last too long before the sun began to shine again. The rain actually made it cooler, which made it even more enjoyable. There were a lot of cute, unique arts & crafts. It sure wasn't hard to spend $100 fast.

After we left the festival, we went home & took naps. Jubal was give out, bless him. I woke up wanting to go back to the festival to get a t-shirt I had talked myself out of earlier, so Larson & I went back for awhile while his mama sat with Jubal. There weren't nearly as many people out there, so it was nice to get to stroll around for a little while.

Sunday was an even bigger day for us. It was Jubal's first big car trip. We were a little nervous about him having to be in his carseat for 8 hours (round-trip). I shouldn't have been worried that my boy could handle it. He was a champ! He never even got whiney. Such a good boy. REALLY!

My friend, Heather had the most beautiful wedding! It was at the Atlanta Botanical Garden right in the middle of downtown Atlanta.

Larson & I both agree that being in the big city for a visit is fun. However, there is is absolutely nothing like living in a small town. Jubal gets to grow up on an old dirt road. :)

Let me just post some pictures of her wedding. They speak for themselves. It was gorgeous!

I am so proud of Heather. She was my roommate for awhile while Larson was away. We had so much fun together. I'm a lot older than  Heather, so she kind of thinks of me not only as her friend, but like a second mama, too.

She ended up with a wonderful guy. Robbie is an achiever. He has ambition. Heather needed someone like him in her life to motivate her to be more than who she was. Someone to bring out the best in her. He is the one.

Don't they make such a lovely couple? She looked amazing. The dress was so fitting for her.

Their reception was beautiful, too. It was held in the garden at Mershon Hall. While the guests waited for the bride & groom, we all enjoyed delicious hor d'oerves and drinks. 


The food, the conversations, just the celebration in itself was so much fun.
Heather & Robbie looked so good walking in as husband and wife. I really am so happy for them!

It was such a joy to be able to share this day with her. I wish her & Robbie nothing but happiness. Now they need to start working on some babies. :)

God bless them!!!

I want to go back and add some pics of my sweet fellas & myself from our day at the wedding. I enjoy being with my little family so much!

My handsome guys.

Jubal liked that frog. Ha!

Bless him! The garden was so hard on his allergies.

My sweet baby boy.

Loved the smell of the honeysuckles.

Mommy loves Jubal!


Larson let Jubal taste a lime...

...getting a little of the juice out of it...

Oh. My. Gosh. What is that?!? Yucky!!!

Ha! Well, at least Jubal's eyes were open.

Now, ours were open & Jubal's were closed!
It's so hard to get a good family picture. :)

I'm really looking forward to this next weekend coming up, too. My niece, Lyndsay is graduating. I swear I don't know how she grew up so fast. I'm excited for her, though, as she starts a brand new chapter in her life. I just wish her daddy was here to be a part of it all.:(

In a way, he is, I guess...
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