Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out & About

My little family & I had a wonderful time this past weekend. I have to work for awhile on Saturdays, but just as soon as I got off, got home, and got my mama seen about, it was get a shower & go! The weather was so beautiful all last week and has been throughout this week as well and it makes you want to get out & do things.
There were a lot of "firsts" this weekend. I have to tell you that when we went grocery shopping Saturday afternoon for my mama, Jubal took his first ride in the buggy! Since we no longer have the carseat/carrier, he has to ride like a big boy now.

I'm so proud of him! I wish he could stay little forever, but since that's not going to happen, I am enjoying these milestones of his.

We ended up going to Statesboro to Longhorns for dinner. Jubal got to sit in his first highchair there, too. I didn't take pics, though. Bad mama! I must say I LOVE the buggy & highchair cover!

Sunday morning we got up early and went to Savannah for the day. We went to Keller's Flea Market and enjoyed walking around there for hours. Jubal loves to watch all the people walking around. He just sat back in his stroller & chilled out. We ended up not purchasing anything, which is fine because we only went to get out of the house anyway.

Jubal's two bottom teeth have been right below the gums forever. His bottom right one came through Sunday night & his bottom left came on through Monday. I have a picture. It's not real clear, though. It's only of his first tooth, too. Once they come in a little more, I'll post new pics.

Yep! That's my boy's very first little tooth. I'm a proud mama, can't you tell?! He's getting to be such a little man.

I'm already looking forward to this coming up weekend. It's supposed to be wonderful weather again, so I doubt we'll be cooped up inside. We'll have to wait & see...



  1. He is the cutest thing. Seriously SO sweet! I love his first teeth! Isn't it crazy how quickly they grow? It just flies by! Trust me. My baby is 11 now and
    I am like how on earth did that happen so quickly?

    Hope this next weekend is just as good as last!

    Love, Becky

  2. Thank you, Becky! Your baby is a handsome fella, as well! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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