Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Weekend

I tell ya...I had to go back to work just to get some rest! No really, we did have a busy weekend, though. Larson is off on Saturdays and Sundays, but I work til 2 on Saturdays, so our weekend doesn't officially begin until then. I usually have to grocery shop & write out checks for my mama on Saturday afternoons, but her sister came for a visit, so I got to go straight home to my babies this Saturday. We spent some time playing with Jubal before we got showers and decided we were going to go out for a bite to eat and head to Walmart. We ended up not getting back home until about 11:30. Yeah, I don't know how we spent that much time at Walmart, either. :)

Sundays are wonderful days. We got up and had some breakfast & coffee before starting to get ready for Sunday school & church. We usually spend Sunday afternoons visiting Larson's mama, and his dad & his wife, then go to my mama's to cook supper & eat with her. We didn't make it this Sunday, though.
It was a beautiful day so we sat out on the back deck & enjoyed some time with Jubal. I was sleepy from staying up past my bedtime Saturday night, so we took Sunday afternoon naps. How refreshing! Jubal is the best baby. He sleeps when I sleep, bless him. I think he's going to love to sleep as much as I do. Yay!!!
Larson had to wake us up to go back to church for the "In-church sing". I was a little cranky and said the whole way that I was NOT going to sing. Well, I ended up singing, nevertheless. I get so nervous every time I get up there! It's always fun to spend time with our church family that way, though.

Here is a video of Larson & Jubal while we were outside Sunday afternoon. Jubal has started making a little gasping sound that Larson loves & when Larson does it, Jubal thinks it is so funny.

I'm off of work on Mondays so that's the day I clean house, wash clothes, run errands, pay bills, etc. I got some of those chores done before Larson got off at lunch. We had to go get our taxes done. Bleh! We had to sit there for almost an hour before we even got seen. Then, we had to go get groceries for our home & my mama's. Did I mention that I hate unloading & putting up groceries? We have to do it twice. Thank God we're blessed to have groceries, though. I survived.
Mind you, I still have 3 loads of clothes to do when we're done with all of this. I told Larson he was going to have to fend for himself for supper, bless him. He even helped me with a few other chores, since I had to meet the owner of the gym I have joined. Yep, I have joined my first gym. I actually liked it, too. I did an hour of cardio, then got in the tanning bed. By the time I finished at the gym, got my mama ready for bed & down for the night, got home, and got a shower it was almost 10:30. Can you say tired?

It was a good weekend, though. Any time I get to spend with my little family is always wonderful, busy or not. Now if I can just get caught up on some more sleep....



  1. Bless him!! This tickled me. He had to concentrate so hard to make that noise and he got himself so excited doing it. He is precious girl!


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