Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day~2017

I actually got to sleep until almost 10am on Mother's Day!!!
That was the best thing ever! Haha! 
I also got to wake up to Gentry whispering "Happy Mother's Day" in my ear. :)

It was an awesome day! 
My boys made all kinds of sweet things for me at school,
they picked me out a cute kitten purse when they were at the festival Saturday with their daddy,
and Larson got me the sweetest mother's ring with their birthstones and their names engraved. 
I'm a blessed mama for sure.

My sweet card from Jubal.

A card from Gentry.

The envelope Gentry presented all my goodies in.
He decorated it with his own writing & artwork. :)

Gentry knows his mama well.

How sweet is this?!
He said he's blowing me kisses.

This was such a sweet surprise!

A treasure to wear close to my heart.

Larson made it okay with the sellers at the festival
for me to be able to exchange this for something else that I may like more.
My boys picked this for me, so why would I want anything else?

My sweet, simple mother's ring.
Super proud of this, too.

I especially love that it has their names engraved.

Later, around lunch, we left to spend the day at the river. 
I had such a fun time with my family and some of my
old friends that are mothers now as well. 
While the boys played with all of the kids in the water,
I was able to sit & talk with other grownups, which is not
something I get to do uninterrupted very often. 
It was nice.

Gentry looking for shells,

Jubal jumping off the log with his friend, Little Pat.

It was such a great day for me.
I am so thankful to get to be their mama!!


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