Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seeing Santa~2013

It's that time of year again. The chance to go see Santa and tell him what we would like for Christmas. Jubal was very excited and did a great job. Gentry? Gentry wasn't quite so sure about Santa this year...

The line generally moves quickly, but while we waited we walked around and enjoyed the wonderland.  Gentry was asleep when we first went in, so he slept on Larson's shoulder while Jubal played games and petted the reindeer.

After Gentry woke up, he & Jubal enjoyed trying to help the "elf" that was upside down in the snow.

After walking around looking at all the goodies Bass Pro has to offer, it was time to see good ol' St. Nick.  Jubal was ready.  He told Santa he wanted some shark & dinosaur books.  I'm pretty sure Santa can handle that. ;)

As soon as Larson handed poor little Gentry off, he started screaming.  He didn't want anything to do with Santa or presents or Christmas at all!!!

The handoff.  The screaming begins. Ha!

I love this one where Jubal is looking up at Santa.  So sweet!

My beautiful boys with Santa.

Jubal saw me taking pictures, so he looked over at me for one.

Almost over, Gentry buddy.  Daddy's coming.

As soon as Larson picked Gentry up out of Santa's lap he quit crying.  That fast.  He just wasn't happy being given to a strange looking man in a red suit.  Jubal did the same thing at that age, too.  I don't blame either of them.  I would have probably been scared, too.

Afterwards, we walked outside and let the boys admire the waterfall.  They both love water and this was amazing to them.

Since we got all of our shopping done ahead of time this year, we didn't have to do any of that.  We went and got a bite to eat and just enjoyed the day together.  It was very nice not to feel rushed like we've usually been in the years passed.  Although, I would have liked to get their picture on the merry-go-round like I have before.  The train wasn't running this year, either. :(

We made it home safe & sound and loved being lazy and watching movies together.  Jubal liked eating the candy canes the most, I think.

It was another amazing day with my little family.  Maybe next year Gentry won't be so afraid of Santa.

And just for comparison...

Click to enlarge.

You can also revisit our other Santa trips here, here, and here.  Enjoy!


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