Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trip To See Santa~2015

We made our trip to see Santa again this year at Bass Pro.  I'm happy to have a picture of my boys with the same Santa every year.  It was really warm this year, with it already being 75 degrees by 10 AM.  I still managed to dress them in green and red, though. ;)

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Our trip this year was a little different from the years before.  We actually got to spend the entire day in Savannah and take our time since we were spending the night due to Gentry's oral surgery Monday morning.  We took advantage of it and did lots of fun things with our boys.

After having a delicious lunch at Outback, we went and got our room, rested for a few minutes, and went to do a little shopping.  After getting the boys some new boots, we took them to Get Air Savannah.  They absolutely loved that place.  It's a trampoline park, and it was fun.

Larson even got in on the fun.  The picture is blurry, but I caught him mid-air, in the pit, and coming out. :)

After wearing the boys down some, we went back to our room to clean up some, then out to supper.  After supper, it was time for baths and bed time for the boys.  I still had to run back to Walmart to pick up a few more gifts and stocking stuffers, and I wanted them asleep before I left.  We all had to be up early the next morning, and my sweet Gentry was being put to sleep for some oral restoration.

It was nice to get to take our time and do several different things without feeling rushed because we had to head back home the same day.  Our boys enjoyed it, and I feel we had another successful trip again this year.

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