Saturday, December 5, 2015

Family Pics~2015

I almost forgot to post our 2015 family pictures. I feel like I run behind constantly, and this poor journal doesn't get the attention it needs. I've got to do better because I really want to have this for my boys to look back on someday.

We took these on November 21 (I like to save the dates) .  Once again my friend, Christie, took our pictures for us.  I picked a beautiful field this year that we pass often while on the way to Larson's mama's house.  I love wide open spaces.  They turned out just as I was hoping they would.  Here are my faves from the day.

Just for my memory's sake, I want to point out Jubal's little cow lick.  We gave the boys a bath right before leaving home.  They both fell asleep on the way to the location since neither had napped that afternoon, and their hair was still damp.  When we woke the boys up, Jubal's hair was all kinds of crazy.  Ha!  I did my best to lay it down, but I love that it's still sticking up.  

It's a memory that I'll always remember. <3


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