Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Christmas~2015

We had a quiet, simple Christmas. The boys are at a very fun age. They anxiously awaited the holiday this year with so much excitement. Again this year, they got three gifts each from mom & dad, and three from Santa. Their stockings are filled with all kinds of different goodies, and they're are a big hit every year.

The boys fell asleep on the couch watching A Christmas Story with me.  The glow of the Christmas tree made it feel all nice & cozy, all while the air conditioner was running.  Ha!  We had an 80° Christmas this year.

Santa brought the boys a big gift, a golf cart, to share this year.  They also got a karaoke machine, extra mic, and several music CDs to go with it.  What's funny is that you can't put a golf cart under the tree, and when Jubal woke up Christmas morning he didn't think Santa stopped at our house since there were no extra gifts under the tree.

Gentry walked into the living room and saw the karaoke machine and all sitting at the front door.  He exclaimed that Santa had indeed came by.  I had the key to their golf cart hanging by the door as well.  When they saw the key, they flung open the front door and to their surprise, Santa had given them their most favorite gift of all.

After the initial excitement wore off, we went back inside to open the rest of our gifts.  It was so fun watching them tear open their presents.

Jubal got the smart watch he asked for, the Pop The Pig game, and a pair of boots.  Gentry got his treasure truck, the Hungry Hungry Hippo game, and a pair of boots, too.  Gentry also got a Paw Patrol watch in his stocking since Jubal asked Santa to bring his brother a watch as well. :)


Later for lunch, my mama, sister, and Laney came over for our 2nd annual low country boil for Christmas Feast.  We sat a table with chairs up under our carport and had the biggest feast ever on shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn.  It was so good.  The kids all road the golf cart and only stopped briefly to munch a little.  It was a beautiful sunshiny day and we enjoyed Christmas so very much. 

I didn't get any pics since my hands were all up in some good food.  Ha!

We took Laney & the boys to see lights later, and went to Larson's daddy's for a bit.  They were amazed by all the Christmas tree lights we found on the way to Mr. Larry Dean's so we stopped for a couple of pictures.

It was a good, good day.  I'm so thankful to have been able to spend it with the ones I love. :)


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