Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Update: In Pics

As the last few weeks of summer creep by, I'm having a tough time keeping up with everything, especially now that Jubal has started K-4. The teachers at GCA send me pictures of Gentry throughout the day, and of Jubal after school.

 Here's a little update of what's going on at school, in pictures, of course.

My boy, Gentry, and his bugs.  He's not afraid of anything.

Every day when Jubal gets to the daycare,
the first thing he does is go see his brother to give him a hug. :)

I like that Jubal gets to relax after school with his buddies at the daycare.
He's been having a rough time transitioning to K-4.
He likes to talk & is very busy.

He also misses this woman very much.
Mrs. Diane will always be his favorite.
I must say, I miss her, too.


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