Thursday, August 14, 2014

At School With Gentry

I still get pictures from Gentry's teachers every now & then. He has a good time at school, and even though he misses his big brother being there, he has lots of little friends that he talks about all the time. His favorites are Quinn, Greyson, and Landon.

Gentry is the sweetest boy ever. He is developing the most awesome little personality. I didn't think there could be any sweeter than Jubal, but Gentry tops the cake. Seriously. He loves to love, and I love him so much! :)

I have a few cute little pictures I'm proud of from his teachers that I want to put on here.  I love all of his silly faces.

Gentry & Landon being silly boys.

These boys and their selfies. Ha!

This was a big "mommy fail".
I had not changed out his extra clothes since Winter, and when
his bottoms needed to be changed the other day, this was all they had for him. Ha!
He's really grown.

I love these pictures of my sweet boy.
He's got such a gentle & kind spirit.
He may be my demolition man, making a mess all through the house,
 but he has such a tender heart.

I was always so worried that because I waited so long for Jubal, and loved Jubal so much, that I may not be able to love Gentry as much, or the same, or I would treat him differently.  Something.  Boy, did I worry for nothing.  This boy makes it so easy to love him.  There is absolutely no difference in how much I love him versus Jubal. 

I have the two most amazing little boys ever!!!  


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