Wednesday, August 13, 2014

After School

Jubal has handled the transition to "big school" very well. A lot better than Gentry has. Gentry misses his brother being at GCA because he doesn't get to see him throughout the day anymore. Every morning when we drop Jubal off at school, Gentry begins to pout, saying, "My Jubal! Miss you!" It brings tears to my eyes every morning. Jubal will hug Gentry and tell him he'll miss him, too.

Since Larson and I both work until 5:00, Jubal rides the school bus to GCA in the afternoon.  Gentry can hardly wait each day for Jubal to arrive.  Gentry's teachers tell me that he will walk around asking for "his" Jubal.  It is so sweet the love they have for each other, but especially the love that the little brother has for his big brother.

Mrs. Diane, Jubal's previous teacher, makes sure I still get pictures every now and then when Jubal gets off the bus.  I love the ones where Jubal and Gentry get to see each other after being apart all day.

This was Jubal's first day at big school.
Gentry was so happy to see him.

I was so anxious that first day about him getting to GCA safely on the bus.
Mrs. Diane sent me these to show me he made it.

After school snack.
Jubal loves vanilla ice cream.

Love that smile!

Each day, Jubal is greeted with a big hug from his little brother.
So sweet!!

I'm so thankful for my village.  I'm glad that Gentry is still with the ladies at GCA for a few more years before he starts school, and I'm happy that since I can't be there as soon as Jubal gets out of school, that he has somewhere safe to go and be cared for.

It takes a load off of me knowing my boys are safe when I can't be with them.  As much as I would love to be able to be with them more, the bills keep coming, and it takes both of us to make sure they are paid.  Maybe by seeing both of us work, it will help the boys learn good work ethics.  I want them to grow up to be good providers for their own families one day.  Hopefully by seeing their mama work, they'll marry a girl with good work ethics as well.


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