Friday, August 1, 2014

First Day Of Big School

We made it!!! My baby big boy has started school! He is thrilled, and I must say after all the anxiety I've had leading up to today, so am I. :)

The nervousness I've been feeling was all for nothing.  I knew he would be fine, but I was afraid of how well I would handle seeing my firstborn walk into the elementary school and leaving him there, and I was worried how Gentry would handle going to GCA alone.  Gentry & I both did great.

Trying to get Gentry to look at the camera.

Jubal woke up ready.  It makes my heart swell with pride to see him so happy, feeling like such a big boy.  We let him lead the way to his classroom, watched as he found his own cubby and hung his bookbag up, then found a buddy and went on as if we weren't even still there.  I turned as we were walking out the door to tell him I loved him and to have a great day, and he gave me his biggest smile, waved to me, and said ok.

Jubal with his teacher's assistant, Mrs. Cory.

He is such a good boy.  I know he will do well.  I am at peace with this.


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