Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weekends At The River

We usually end up at the river on Sunday afternoons. This south GA weather is HOT! We like to cool off in the good ol' Ohoopee or Altamaha when we can.

I have some pictures from a couple of our weekends down at the river I want to post here for memory's sake.

This particular weekend, Jubal caught his second fish.  Wesley Bland was at the river with his son, fishing, and he let Jubal reel one in once he snagged it for him.  Jubal was so proud. :)

Jubal has gotten braver this summer.  He will go a little further out with us now.  Gentry will still not wade too far out unless he is with me.  His daddy tries to tote him out, but he cries until Larson brings him back.  He will stay near the water's edge and play happily, but doesn't go much farther.

Now, if there were just a way to keep the sand out of our pants.  Ha!  That's my least favorite part.  I prefer a pool over the river or beach any day.  The river cools us off on a hot summer day, though, so I won't complain too much.


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