Friday, August 19, 2011


Not a lot has been going on in our little world lately. We have been enjoying watching Jubal master his walking skills. He gets better everyday. It's funny to watch him make me think he's going to walk to me and at the last minute, turn to walk to his daddy. He thinks it's pretty funny, too. I love to hear his laughter.

We were all sick last weekend (on my birthday) with a stomach virus. I had a good birthday anyway, though. Friends & family made me feel pretty special. I hated that we all had to be cooped up on a beautiful Sunday, though. I don't think I've totally bounced back yet. It's made for a long, frustrating week. Maybe this weekend will be fun. We're going to my 20 year class reunion. I'm excited to see my classmates.

Jubal working on Mammaw's table with a hole punch. Look at that face. Cute!

I did get a new iPhone for my birthday. It was time for an upgrade and even though I loved my Blackberry and had already made up my mind that I was going to get another one, the rep, who is also a friend of mine, talked me right into the iPhone. I like it pretty good. I'm a pretty simple girl & it seems like it was created for a much more high-maintenance kind of person. It's very easy to use, though. Maybe the longer I have it, the more uses I will find for it.

Hopefully after the weekend I will have a little more to write about. It's just been a pretty uneventful week. Work & home, work & home. It gets pretty repetitive. No matter what, though, Jubal always brings sunshine into my life. I don't know what I would do without him & Larson.

Happy Friday! Here's to a wonderful weekend!


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